Is Deranged Tom Cruise COVID-19 Mission Impossible Rant Out of Order?

Did anyone see the recent Tom Cruise COVID-19 Mission Impossible rant towards staff members he believed were in breach of social distancing protocols? It sounded pretty demented in its tone and makes you wonder who some of these celebrities think they are.


Do celebrities, especially actors, overestimate their self-importance? We all know the answer to that one. The answer is YES! They lack awareness that the majority of people do not care about what they have to say. Just pretend to be somebody else for money and keep your opinions to yourself, shorty!

Tom Cruise COVID-19 MIllion Impossible Rant

Was the Tom Cruise COVID-19 Mission Impossible rant out of order? We think so!

Tom Cruise COVID-19 Rant

Let’s give this story some sort of context. Recently this week, The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom released a audio file of a Tom Cruise COVID-19 speech to staff members on the set of the millionth installment of Mission Impossible. It wasn’t so much what he was saying, but more about his Adolf Hitler-type vibe of the speech. He sounded like a deranged little man. The definition of Napoleon’s “short man” syndrome.


Cruise’s Stalin-Esque rant was because he believed that social distancing protocols were not being followed and blah blah blah. It’s only fair to point out that Cruise is also a major producer on the set so that would have pumped his already gargantuan ego to another level entirely.


Anyway, here is a clip of the Hitler-esque Tom Cruise COVID-19 rant:

Tom Cruise COVID-19: Mission Impossible 7

If Tom Cruise cared so much about COVID-19, why would he have filmed a movie right in the middle of a ‘pandemic’? The truth is that profit margins are more important to people like Cruise and other Hollywood executives. Because if not, they would not be filming this movie in several locations across the UK, Norway, and Italy at such a dangerous time for people. And then to berate people who work for him? What an idiot!


In short, what a load of hypocritical nonsense. Of course, we should take COVID-19 protocols seriously into consideration, and if the producers of Mission Impossible did, why are they even filming in the first place? To profit financially of course. I don’t think anyone on the planet was saying “Quick, let’s get the 7th edition of the Mission Impossible movie series filmed to better the fabrics of society,” Cynical? Not much!

Mission IMpossible Tom Cruise COVID-19 Rant

Tom Cruise is currently filming Mission Impossible 7 in the middle of a pandemic. What a guy!

Will Mission Impossible Flop?

Will the 77th edition of Mission Impossible flop at the box office? We hope so. And I certainly won’t be paying to watch.


As mentioned above, it’s not that the Tom Cruise COVID-19 rant was incorrect in its content, it’s just that filming in the middle of a pandemic and then slagging off staff, is just out of order. It never ceases to amaze how these celebrities think they can talk to other people.


I will tell you about an impossible mission. Getting Hollywood to put people’s safety before going on the road to film across several countries. What a load of hypocritical slush for Tom Cruise.