Thailand Wedding Guide – Getting Married in LOS!

Are you thinking about organizing a Thailand wedding? Getting married in Thailand is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day that sets the tone for the next 20-years or so, give or take a decade or two in both directions. Some might say that you get less time for murder, but that’s only if it’s a manslaughter charge.


Hilarity aside, getting married in Thailand or another sun-drenched location is an interesting concept. And one that is rapidly becoming the choice of modern couples wishing to tie the proverbial knot amidst stunning tropical brilliance. Find out more about getting married in LOS with our Thailand wedding guide.


In this day and age, getting married is more about the lavish ceremony and the day in question. The idea is to make sure everyone is talking about your wedding ceremony, especially your arch-enemies. Because prices in Europe, American, Australia, and other Western World nations can lead you directly to the poorhouse without passing ‘Go’, you might as well push out the boat and do it in the most spectacular way possible with a Thailand wedding.

Thailand Wedding

Thailand weddings are some of the most special.

Why a Thailand Wedding is the Best Choice

If you are currently considering getting married abroad, Thailand really is the ultimate destination. Because religion and other family constraints are a little different in the modern world, couples are really taking the time to customize their weddings to create something epic, or they just don’t get married at all.


Getting married in Thailand is a choice that many couples are now making. Not only can you and your party have the holiday of a lifetime, get married on the beach or some other equally jaw-dropping location, but also have memories that last a lifetime and save loads of money on the prices you would pay for an extravagant wedding in your home country.


Couples sometimes spend upwards of USD 20,000 on their wedding ceremonies. But in Thailand, you can do all that and more for half the price!


Where to Get Married in Thailand

So this begs the question: where do people get married in Thailand? Which locations do they choose? What is the best option for you? All these questions are a bit subjective because each individual is different. Most opt for beach weddings in places such as Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phang Nga and Koh Lanta.

Getting Married in Thalland

There are so many great places for getting married in Thailand

Picture the scene: you and your stunning wife/husband embrace each other under the beautiful boutiques of a flower encrusted archway with views that lead out to the beach and ocean to a place beyond where the horizon meets the sea and tumbles into the dreamy abyss. You are about to embark on a journey of love that cannot be explained in something as meaningless as words. Enduring image, right? When you want to blow away your family and friends, wow your significant other, and tickle the jealousy of your haters, getting married in Thailand will tick all the boxes.


Thailand Wedding Advice

If you are looking to organize a beach-style wedding, you simply can’t beat a Thailand wedding. When you want the ultimate tropical island beach wedding experience, nowhere is better than Phuket, Koh Samui or the Krabi region. These areas also have a wondrous selection of world-class hotels and 5-star resorts that will compliment any wedding experience. Some couples opt to rent out a villa for their ceremony, which is ideal if you want to get married in Thailand.

Thai Wedding Photos

Organizing a Thai wedding might be the best choice of your life

Some of the more unique and interesting wedding ideas in Thailand are getting married on top of an elephant; tying the knot while swimming with the sharks at Underwater World Pattaya; having a traditional Thai wedding with all local Thai silk garbs and an authentic Buddhist monk on hand to join you together whilst wafting incense in your face. You can get married under a waterfall or on a mountaintop summit in Chiang Mai. You are only limited by your imagination and budget in Thailand.


No matter where you decide to have your Thailand wedding, you will be able to customize it to your exact specifications and vision. Do you want a live band or DJ playing at your wedding reception? What kind of food do you want, Thai or Western or both? Are there any special features and requirements that you need? Everything is possible in Thailand!


Thailand Wedding Laws

When it comes to officially getting married in Thailand, we would suggest you save the legal requirements for the registry office in your home countries. It is possible to officially get married in Thailand, but that will not be legally binding in your own country, so come to Thailand, have a wedding ceremony for show, and deal with all the boring paperwork stuff when you get back home. That is definitely the best course of action to take.


Just remember that if you are a Christian or Catholic and need a victor or reverend to marry you, that this is also possible, especially in Pattaya where there are lots of churches and local officials.

Time to Make Your Thailand Wedding a Reality

Whether you want to get married in Phuket on a beach, married in Pattaya at a stunning 5-star villa rental, or prefer something a little bit different, getting married in Thailand will not only be something you remember for the rest of your life but will also be the perfect way to start married life as you mean to continue. Getting married is a beautiful thing and the only way you can make it even more outstanding is by having a Thailand Wedding!