Thailand Music Festival Future

The international media reports that the UK is putting plans in place to organize its first socially distanced music festival post-COVID-19. It might be something that we could see for Thailand music festivals in 2020 in a bid to kick-start the local entertainment and events scene. 


The highly-respected NME publication recently reported that the Virgin Money Unity venue is currently being set-up at Newcastle Racecourse in the UK. The site is being constructed with social distancing in mind and will allow UK music fans to enjoy the first live music events since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic. Could we also see something like this implemented to showcase Thailand music festivals in 2020? 


Could this be the Future of Thailand Music Festivals?  


Five Songkran Festival Events - Thailand Event Guide

The future of Songkran Music Festivals – Thailand Event Guide


The NME has reported that the organizers will announce the line-up for the music festival this week. UK music lovers can expect a line-up that includes a mix of live music, DJ sets, stand-up comedy shows and other family-style entertainment features.  


Numerous viewing stations and areas are two meters apart from each other to adhere to social distancing. Attendees will be able to order food and drinks directly from the stations. There will also be one-way system toilets at the venue to ensure safety.  


The venue and concert are being headed up by the same people who were behind ‘This Is Tomorrow Festival’ and ‘SSD Concerts’. Could we see something similar happen for Thailand music festivals in 2020


The managing director of SSD Concerts, Steve Davis, told the NME that “With the postponement of all of our scheduled concerts to later in the year and all venues in the city closed, the staff at SSD had a willingness to continue. We can’t be without music during these times, so our only thought has been how can we bring music back to the British public safely and responsibly.” 


Will we see the Same for Thailand Music Festivals? 


Medical Heroes work day and night to rescue victims from Covid19 pandemic. Thailand Event Guide

Medical Heroes work day and night to rescue victims from Covid19 pandemic. Thailand Event Guide


When put into perspective, Thailand has only had 58 deaths from COVID-19 compared to almost 45,000 deaths in the UK. And although any amount of deaths is a bad thing, it could’ve been worse. If promoters can launch music festivals across the UK this way, we should have no problem organizing similar Thailand music festivals that also adhere to social distancing regulations. 


From 1 July 2020 onwards, the majority of Thailand’s nightlife venues were allowed to reopen. The Thai government has lifted restrictions under 22 new rules that were issued to ensure customer safety. The mainstay of these rules was that customers and staff need to wear facemasks and limit group sizes while adhering to social distancing. 


travel ban on international flights to Thailand was also lifted on 1 July, although only individual foreign visitors would be allowed to enter the Kingdom. 


New Way of Organizing Live Music Events in Thailand 


Wonderfruit Final Program in 2016 hopefully to be repeated in 2017

Thailand Pattaya music festival electronic dance music and art festival Wonderfruit Festival – Pattaya Thailand Event Guide

Would you attend a music festival in Thailand if they adhered to the same social distancing principles that we see from the Virgin Money Unity venue in Newcastle, England? 


One big question remains: Do consumers have enough confidence to attend a large gathering in Thailand this year? We would assume so. Everything must move forward, and if the UK is organizing a social distanced music festival, we can do the same. 


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Source: NME