Full Moon Party Is As Diverse As The People

Thailand Event Guide: The original Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is probably one of those Thailand party magnets that attract thousands of backpackers and curious travellers to Thailand’s white beach island Koh Phang Ngan in Southern Thailand. It is the perfect mix of the deep-blue Andaman Sea, white beaches, and great party music. Add onto this lots of travellers and locals who are dancing and relaxing on the beach and in the bars and your perfect festival picture is complete.

The party has been copied several times around the world, but organisers have not been able to give attendees what Thailand offers best; surrounding, atmosphere and people. The original Full Moon Party in South Thailand is one of the deepest rooted music festivals.

The Party perfectly mixed the deep-blue Andaman Sea, white beaches, a great cool breeze topped up with great party music.

Picture travellers and locals dancing the night away, jumping on the bass, drinking then stretching out on the beach.

Numerous times the Full Moon Party has been copied around the world, but to duplicate the perfect mix of surrounding, atmosphere and diverse cultures that are so typical for the Full Moon Party is simply missing. You have to visit Thailand and the Full Moon Party to underwrite this feeling.

How to get to Koh Phangan

Visit Koh Phang Ngan after a 10-hours bus ride to Don Sak, the last friendly village on Thailand’s mainland. The small fishing village is worth a visit. People are friendly. Excellent seafood is available. More local resorts are being built here. Two ferry operators connect Donsak with Koh Phang Ngan and Koh Samui.

Full Moon Party Thailand

The Full Moon Party is one of the first outdoor music festivals that has set the fundamentals of modern dance partying and serve monthly thousands of party people with the perfect backdrop for partying that started once as a full moon celebration between some friends on the beaches of Koh Phangan.

Full Moon Party Dates

The Full Moon Parties take place on 14 December 2016. In 2017 and next year on 12 January, 12 February and 12 March, 11 April, 11 May, 9 June, 10 July, 7 August, 5 September, 6 October, 3 November and 3 December 2017.