Unlocking the Charm of Thailand’s Scenic “Floating Train” Journey

Discover Thailand’s “Floating Train” adventure, where bustling cities and beaches give way to a unique, off-the-beaten-track railway journey. Explore Thailand’s “Rot Fai Loi Nam” service, unveiling scenic beauty, hidden gems, and the missed English-speaking tourist opportunity.


Amid Thailand’s city hustle and beach attraction, a unique offbeat railway adventure gains popularity. The State Railway of Thailand launched “Rot Fai Loi Nam,” connecting Bangkok to Pasak Jolasid Dam post-rainy season.  Passengers relished stunning scenery, endless water views, and unique selfies as the train seemed to float on a narrow bridge. Travelers relished the experience, basking in the open-air ambiance while witnessing picturesque landscapes and grazing cattle beneath the bridge.


Embark on Thailand's "Floating Train" adventure, scenic beauty and unique experiences. Thailand Event Guide


A Memorable Journey for All Ages

Families, students, and seasoned travelers hopped aboard the train, each finding their own delight in this enchanting adventure. 11-year-old Lily, with her mother, cherished endless water views and fresh air outdoors. Taiwanese student Wei Wu found it thrilling to pose on the railway track, her first time on a Thai train, departing from the usual tourist experiences.

Most of the year, the area is cattle grazing, but from Oct to Jan, rising water levels make the train appear to float a unique sight. This Thai rail gem draws travelers, likening it to Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away” train scene.


A Missed Opportunity for English-Speaking Tourists

Despite the charm of these railway excursions, there is a missed opportunity for English-speaking tourists due to the lack of English-language information and promotion. British expat and travel blogger Richard Barrow, who’s an enthusiast of Thai train adventures, emphasized the need for better accessibility to such experiences for international visitors.

Thailand’s “Floating Train” offers a remarkable adventure through picturesque landscapes and unique selfie opportunities. As more travelers seek off-the-beaten-path adventures, this hidden gem provides an authentic and enchanting experience. Still, efforts are needed to make these excursions more accessible to English-speaking tourists, ensuring that they don’t miss out on this captivating part of Thai culture and scenery.