CSR Examples for a Feel Good Experience

Fewer countries can boast such diverse corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities than Thailand. Giving back to the less fortunate is a thrilling feel-good experience. It defines who you are as a human being and where you stand towards society. Especially during COVID-time, lots of foundations need your time and financial support even more. Thailand is an excellent example of the successful implementation of social responsibility.


Do You Want to Join CSR

Thailand’s manifold of destinations goes hand in hand with CSR’s increasingly popular trend of giving back to communities or the environment.


Honorific and extremely gratifying, CSR is a truly feel-good and rewarding experience. Not only will your company be benefiting the less fortunate, but you will also broaden staff horizons sharing the basic principles of giving back to those who need it the most. Government Hospitals and community buildings always need volunteers who newly paint, decorate or refurbish public spaces. Although the work is challenging in many ways, you will find a few tasks in life more rewarding.


Thailand CSR Examples to become involved. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand CSR Examples to become involved. Thailand Event Guide


Build or Renovate Schools for Children to Secure their Education


Habitat for Humanity has supported 48,000 families and has built 11,500 homes since 1998. The foundation builds homes and helps families around Thailand to provide them with a better quality of life. Many businesses and individuals regularly step in, support families financially, and provide the workforce to rebuild schools, homes and community centres.


The American Chamber of Commerce Foundation Thailand provides scholarships to Thai students and give them a chance to develop in the United States. Over their establishment, they have given 3,100 students a scholarship and have helped 860 schools.


Thailand has no shortage of orphanages that are also in need of assistance. According to a study of the US State Department, approx. Twenty thousand children live in the streets in Thailand. in 2020, Bangkok Post reported that 244 children went missing, and under them more girls than boys.


A slightly more challenging option is to consider working with Thailand’s uneducated street children. It is essential to step in with the right resources and mentors and steer these children in the right direction.


One foundation that focuses on finding these missing children is the Mirror Foundation. With offices in Bangkok and Chiang Rai, they help families to find back their loved ones and allow children to stop begging on the streets. They always look for volunteers, and your involvement in time or through donation is appreciated.


Helping stray dogs in Thailand wins the hearts of these dogs. Thailand Event Guide

Helping stray dogs in Thailand wins the hearts of these dogs. Thailand Event Guide


CSR program with an animal organization


You might be an animal lover. Work through a CSR program with an animal organization and offer your animal lovers a chance to work with animals of all shapes and sizes. Different foundations exist to help stray dogs, for example, and always need volunteers.


Soi Dog Foundation has locations in Bangkok and Phuket, Care for Dogs in Chiang Mai, and Rescue PAWS operating from Hua Hin, Thailand. In the bustling streets of Bangkok, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to work and increase the quality of life with these hungry street dogs and activate a valuable passion.


Thailand counts numerous other non-profit organizations of all sizes looking for your time or monetary donations. All in their own ways, they try to make the world a better place. Donating products is one great way, but becoming involved can achieve the foundation goals, your personal development and the hearts of the people or the animals you are helping, and it is so rewarding.


Global NGOs in Thailand


A few global foundations actively operating in Thailand are Unicef, Save the Children, World Vision and Operation Smile. They all have an excellent track record when it comes to CSR Examples. Each foundation has its cause and mission, but many locally-established non-profit organizations can do good work with your help. Carefully select the foundation that aligns with your experience.


Thailand CSR. Helping Children in Need. Thailand Event Guide

CSR Thailand Event Guide corporate social responsibility www.thaiandeventguide.com


Make Your Skillset Work for the Foundation


Think about your skillset and how you can make your experience valuable to the organization. Most organizations, especially the smaller ones, can use the strategic, financial, and operational input to build the foundation’s fundamentals. There are different ways to make your knowledge valuable to them.


Are you a top-level executive you can strategically assist? An IT Manager can bring knowledge and a game plan to grow the foundation’s internet architecture. A senior manager can help with marketing or finance. Rest assured that bringing your skill set might be worthwhile and at the same time generate a feel-good experience.


As a commercial organization, you will look for ways to increase sales. How? Finding the right non-profit will surprisingly achieve new results.


Cause Marketing initiatives for Companies

A good CSR example is a bag producer puts a non-profit branded bag for sale on revenue sharing basis. A hotel might sell a special cocktail or menu with revenue sharing for the non-profit—the other way around, non-profit organizations count loyal members. As a commercial organization, you can connect to new customers and serve all common goals at the same time.


When you choose to implement a CSR cause in your organization, ensure that your team is passionate about your CSR strategy, the non-profit, and the final execution as success comes with their commitment and enthusiasm.


You have read some CSR examples. Make sure that when you become involved in social responsibility, find the rewarding feel-good experience it deserves.