Thailand Cave Children Might Get Own Film

A Thailand Cave movie might be on the way. It was to expect, because what a story: the Thai footballers and their coach were rescued just some time ago, but the plans for two cinema films about the Thailand Cave Children have already been worked out. There may also be a museum in the cave where the boys were stuck for two weeks. The Cave boys will meet with the press for the first time after their hospital release to tell their own remarkable life story.


Two Movies About Thailand Cave Children


Earlier it became known that film studio Pure Flix is going to make a film of the Thailand cave rescue campaign. The director John M. Chu announced that he is going to venture in collaboration with film studio Ivanhoe Pictures. That will be the “official version” because, according to Ivanhoe Pictures, the Thai government has chosen the film studio itself to do the filming.

Thailand Cave beautifully lit up will serve soon as a museum attraction for tourists. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand Cave Rescue operation to find the Thailand Cave Children. Thailand Event Guide

The twelve boys and their football coach had been stuck in the cave since 23 June. After nine days they were found during a search by British divers. During a three-day rescue effort, all people were rescued by the divers. 


Controversy about Thailand Cave Children Movies


Filmmaker Chu is afraid that the leading roles in a Hollywood film will be played by white instead of Thai actors. That is why he wants to make a movie himself.


On Twitter, the director, who previously made four Step-Up films, writes that he is already working on the film. “This is a wonderful story about people saving other people, so if someone thinks about it, he can do it better and respectfully.”


Thailand Cave Becomes a Museum


Film studios are not the only companies that want to save money from the rescue operation. The cave system in Chiang Rai will soon become a vast museum. In the museum, the rescue action will be central. “An interactive database will be set up, and it will become a huge attraction in Thailand,” says Narongsak Osottanakorn, former governor and leader of the rescue operation.