Rules for Thailand Bars Reopen July

Are you an owner of Thailand bars who is desperately seeking some good news? If so, you will probably have a bittersweet feeling today. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) detailed on Monday that bars might reopen again in July. This would be part of Phase-5 of their opening procedures. However, bars that reopen might have to adhere to 22 requirements and guidelines from the CCSA. 

Is Thailand Nightlife About to Reopen? 


It’s been a long and winding road for the Thailand nightlife and entertainment industry. A ban was imposed on all nightlife establishments in March as COVID19 gripped many parts of the planet. Thailand has been relatively successful in curbing infections when compared to some other nations across the world. However, the pandemic has decimated the Thailand bars, nightlife, entertainment, and event industries. The next phase of reopening bars is set to happen from 1 July 2020. Although everyone is still waiting for official confirmation. 

Thailand Bars & Thailand Nightlife

Thailand Nightlife industry set to reopen in July 2020. Thailand Events Guide

New Rules for Thailand Bars and Clubs 


Although phase-5 of the guidelines is a move in the right direction, some bar owners are unhappy with the long list of requirements that the CCSA is proposing. It is believed that some of the businesses that will be allowed to reopen in July are pubs, karaoke bars, massage establishment, and other adult entertainment inspired businesses. 


The list is currently in the proposal phase, but official news is expected in the next few days to confirm the exact requirements. However, here is a handpicked selection of some of the requirements that are part of the CCSA proposal for reopening of Thailand bars: 


  • The number of customers or event attendees will be restricted.
  • The body temperature of all customers and patrons much be checked, while hand sanitizer must be readily available as well.
  • Groups of people who are together will be limited to 5 and each should have 1-meter between them.
  • There should be a minimum of 2 meters between tables, or the alternative is to install a barrier.
  • No singing or dancing will be allowed in bars or at concerts.
  • You will only be able to serve drinks in glasses, and definitely with no bottles being served.
  • All staff members will need to wear masks and also face shields.
  • There is to be no shouting, wandering, or gathering.
  • All performers and musicians will also be expected to wear face shields.
  • There are to be no competitions or games or group activities in bars such as pool or darts. These interactions are banned.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to in smoking sections and areas.
  • Product presenters or hostesses will not be allowed to sit with guests or patrons.

Thailand Bars dues to reopen in July – Thailand Events Guide


Thailand Bars and Clubs Opening Issues for Owners 


Although most people will be happy that their safety is of paramount importance for the next phase of opening Thailand bars and clubs, some owners feel that the rules are far too restrictive. I suppose that is a matter of perspective depending on which side of the fence you fall. 

Some bar owners believe that business will be dramatically affected by only allowing 5 people to sit together in a group. Some bar owners believe that these rules are stricter than those businesses that were already opened in previous phases. However, this is obviously due to the more interactive nature of a nightlife establishment such as a bar or club. It is also believed that as Thailand hasn’t had a single new case of Covid-19 for nearly a month now that the new restrictions are heavy-handed and unnecessary. 

Important Thailand Reopening Info


It is important to point that when people get drunk, they want to dance, communicate, and get closer to each other, so you really can see both sides of the argument. But the safety of the customers must always come first. Only time will tell if these restrictions will be a winner or not. 


Thailand bars and clubs will no doubt be allowed to reopen on 1 July 2020, but no-one is yet sure how everything will work out. If you are a bar establishment or nightclub in Bangkok who wants to ensure you are adhering to the rules while implementing innovative market strategies to open up new revenue streams, we can help you become profitable once again.