Thai King Celebrates Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to His Majesty King Rama X who celebrates His first birthday celebrations Thailand’s monarch since his Coronation in May 2019.

In the country of Thailand, different religious and celebratory ceremonies will take place today.

Recently elected Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will head the government dignitaries, and state officials in a rite offering alms to monks at 7 am in Bangkok.

Religious Ceremonies during the Thai King 's Happy Birthday today. Thailand Event Guide

Religious Ceremonies during the Thai King ‘s Happy Birthday today. Thailand Event Guide


Thai King ‘s Birthday Celebrations

At 7.30pm, the Sanam Luang will illuminate as Gen Prayut presides over a mass candlelit ceremony paying tribute to His Majesty. Events will take place during the same time at town halls around the country and at the embassies and consulate offices overseas.

His Majesty is responsible for many of his public welfare projects in medical and healthcare, agriculture, education and sport. His Majesty is known to provide vital support in the successful headliner cave rescue of Thai boys and a trainer in Chiang Rai.

Born in 1952 as Prince Vajiralongkorn, he was proclaimed crown prince on December 28 in the year he turned 20 and was bestowed with the title of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn by his father His Majesty Rama IX.


Thai King Happy Birthday. Thailand Event Guide

Thai King Celebrates His Happy Birthday Today. Thailand Event Guide


HM Took Reins in May 2019

His Royal Highness took the reins after the passing of his father King Rama IX, obtaining the Roman numeral title of King Rama X, of the Chakri Dynasty, using the partial-length title of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua. The monarch’s reign has been declared as retroactive by the previous government from October 13, 2016, the day King Bhumibol passed away.