Government Wants To Charm Tourists

Under a new Thailand government strategy, villages will bolster local tourism with local initiatives of village charms and products to boost income. The project name is Community Tourism Otop Nawat Witee.OTOP means One Tambon One Product. Nawat Witee is a combination of innovation and way of life. The Interior Ministry oversees the project.

In tis way, the Interior Ministry hopes to boost OTOP product sales to 200-300 billion baht yearly from last year’s topping sales of 153 billion.

The Government Plans To Promote Initiatives

Unique from this initiative is that the villages are key drivers to create their income and individual efforts with the government promoting the village entrepreneurial spirits.

The government developed OTOP sixteen years ago and since then has made development. The Ministry now will spearhead the campaign to bolster local tourism.

Each village will become a tourist attraction with around ten unique products that travellers can return home as a souvenir.

The Ministry will use a three-step promotional implementation mainly in the form of seminars to raise public awareness. Several attempts to check the achievement of the scheme and increase the product quality will the government also undertake.

The government encourages Villages To Attract Local Tourists

Villages also can win awards when they succeed to convince tourists to visit their areas.

The Ministry also plans to roll out a mobile application with local tourist attractions together with relevant travel information and local listings.

Villages who participate in the scheme will receive support to develop tourist economies with the interior ministry asses the village achievements.