Subscribe to Netflix Thailand – Buy Redeem Cards from 7-Eleven

Did you already subscribe to Netflix Thailand yet? If not, why not? Did you know that it’s very easy to subscribe to the streaming service, and you don’t even need a credit card?


Have you noticed that Netflix is taking over the world? Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + are evolving with the needs of the modern-day movie consumer. And it’s great news for everyone apart from the major TV network. And it’s especially great if you live in Thailand.

Subscribe to Netflix Thailand with Redeem Codes

You can use redeem code cards to subscribe to Netflix Thailand

Buying Redeem Cars to Subscribe to Netflix Thailand

You do not need any credit card or to give your bank details to subscribe to Netflix Thailand. You can buy Netflix Thailand redeem or gift cards in many stores across Thailand. They are available in all 7-Eleven stores, Tesco Lotus Express stores, and many more. The cards have credit worth either 500 THB or 1000 THB. Obviously, 500 THB is the littlest amount you can buy.


Once you get the card, you must scratch off the silver bit on the back that reveals the redeemed PIN. You will then need to set up an account online at Netflix Thailand, and you can add your PIN there. The money is then credited to your account. And from there, you can choose the subscription package you want because there are a few options.

You can Subscribe to Netflix Thailand

Subscribe to Netflix Thailand – Subscription Packages

Now we have learned how easy it is to buy Netflix Thailand redeem cards at stores across the Kingdom, it’s time to choose a package that suits you and your needs. Subscribing to Netflix Thailand has never been easier for people of all ages and classes. There are three main subscription packages.


The ‘Basic’ level subscription package with ‘Standard Definition 1’ costs 280 THB monthly and allows you to watch Netflix on one screen. The second option is the ‘Standard’ package that allows you to watch Netflix in high definition on two screens in your house. The ‘Premium’ package offers 4K Ultra Definition costs 420 THB per month and is available across four screens. The premium package is perfect for families.

Best Movies & TV Shows on Netflix Thailand

Netflix pretty much has it all. And if you subscribe to Netflix Thailand, you will get the best choice of movies, TV series, documentaries, animation, and everything else you can imagine. You can watch amazing American TV series such as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Ozark. You can even catch all the best new movies from the Western world and across Asia. There is some fantastic Thai content too.


Have you subscribed to Netflix Thailand yet? If not, you can buy redeem cards from the shop and watch movies in under 10 minutes! What are you waiting for?

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