Spooky Bangkok Ghost Hunting Hotspots

If you are looking for a unique hobby, a Bangkok ghost hunting expedition might flick your switch. If you are a fan of the supernatural, Thailand is a great place to visit. Thai people are extremely superstitious and wholeheartedly believe in the ghostly spirit realm to such an extent that it permeates many parts of their life.


If you are looking for a different type of hobby in Thailand, there are many places in the country that are ‘haunted’. A ghost hunt across Thailand is certainly something you should consider. Please see some of the most haunted places in Bangkok below. But make sure you bring your camera along because no-one will believe what you have seen if you haven’t documented it on video and catapulted it across social media websites. Here are some ghoulish Bangkok ghost hunting hotspots that offer a spooky yet different experience.


The Bangkok Ghost Hunting Tower @ Sathorn

Bangkok Ghost Hunting Tower

The spooky Ghost Tower in Bangkok is a scary place

Perhaps one of Thailand’s most famous haunted places is the Ghost Tower in Bangkok. This abandoned skyscraper was formally known as Sathorn Unique Condominiums and was originally designed to house the city’s most luxurious apartments. This condo development on the banks of the Chao Phraya River was supposed to be a luxury block for high-end clientele until it was left unfinished and abandoned due to the 1997 stock market crash. It is one of the spookiest Bangkok ghost hunting hotspots imaginable.


It was left to rot, and it wasn’t too long until the building was a den for drug-users, addicts homeless vagrants, and stray dogs. Dead bodies routinely turn up at the Ghost Tower, but the main reason the development has gained its ‘haunted’ moniker is because of the strange happenings on the 43rd floor.


The body of a Swedish backpacker was found hanged on the 43rd floor. It was discovered by a Thai photographer who was there to photograph the sunset. Strange sounds emanate from the 43rd floor, so much so that many people now come to visit the tower to explore its ghostly happenings.

Abandoned House: Bangkok Ghost Hunting Ramkamhaeng Soi 32

Located deep on Ramkamhaeng Soi 32, a famous Bangkok ghost hunting house has been abandoned for more than 20-years. And is still a point of major interest even now for ghost hunters. The legend is that the house was owned by a foreigner who lived there with his maid.

Some local bandits decided to rob the house while the foreigner was at work. But in time-honoured tradition, the robbery went wrong. The owner was at work, but the maid was at home. The bandits brutally murdered the maid and got away. However, from that day onwards, cries for help can be heard in the house, and some people have even witnessed the spirit of a woman standing near the front garage on a regular basis. It’s safe to say that the house was never sold after, and is now a landmark for ghostly happenings in Bangkok.

Bangkok Ghost Hunting Location

This is a popular Bangkok ghost hunting location at Ramkamhaeng Soi 32

Pen Factory at Kasem Bundit University

Inside Kasem Bundit University on Pattanakarn Road in Bangkok lies an 80-acre pen factory that has been abandoned. It’s known as one of the most haunted places in the city. The torn-down building is said to be haunted by poltergeists. When the factory was being constructed there was a multitude of accidents resulting in the loss of many lives. There is a strange and cold chilly feeling when you enter the factory. Many strange things happen at the building such as things moving around before your eyes. The legend is that if you walk around the water 3 times, the poltergeist will appear. We will have to take their word for it!


If you are up for a spot of Bangkok ghost hunting, we would recommend that you are careful. Always air on the side of caution and never take any risks. Especially in abandoned buildings. However, doing a spot of ghost hunting could be one of the most unique hobbies.