Six Mind Blowing Movie Trailers for Pure Watching and Excitement

Movie Trailers play a vital role to make people aware of upcoming movies released. Here we selected six exciting movie trailers 2022 from films released in the cinemas or on streaming services that you can watch. Watch here the best six YouTube movie trailers listed. Check them out:

1) Inventing Anna


Based on a true story, and played by Julia Garner, this video trailer shows a reporter digging into the life of New York’s elite, trying to find out how Anna Delvey could become a German Heiress. Is she just an intelligent entrepreneur or a con artist—it’s time to find out.

Inventing Anna with Julia Garner. Thailand Event Guide

Inventing Anna with Julia Garner. Thailand Event Guide



2) Moon Knight Thai/English YouTube Movie Trailers

This YouTube movie trailer shows a former US Marine is struggling with a dissociative identity disorder and got granted the powers of an Egyptian Moon-God. He soon finds out that the forces can go both ways and be a blessing or a course to his troubled life.

Disney Hotstar+

Thai edition:

English edition:

Archive 81


As a video archivist investigates a mysterious fire, he is utterly convinced that he can save a young woman from a terrifying fate she met 25 years ago. It is definitely one of these YouTube movie trailers watching moment.


Pushpa, The Rise Part 1


Pushpa is the story of Pushpa Raj, a lorry driver in the Seshachalam forests of South India, set in the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling. Red Sandalwood is endemic to India’s South-Eastern Ghats (mountain range). The story counts 40 million views on YouTube alone.

Prime Video.


Twenty-five years after the original series of murders in Woodsboro, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to uncover the truth. Scream keeps people watching the final trailer with more than 19 million views on YouTube and still counting. The movie was released on 14 January and grossed app. $37,563,513 around the world at the time of writing.