Shonda Rimes’ First Netflix Show ‘Bridgerton’ Official Trailer Released

The official trailer for the period drama Netflix show, Bridgerton, has just been released. It’s the first Netflix show directed by Shonda Rimes. The exciting new drama series is expected to be released on Christmas Day.


The trailer for the Netflix show Bridgerton is making some new across the world of TV and movies. The glitzy and glamorous period drama is expected to do well when released at the end of the year. This story is being reported by Indie Wire website.

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Netflix Show Bridgerton by Shonda Rimes

The official trailer for the first Shonda Rimes Netflix show, Bridgerton has been released to glowing expectations. The ornate period drama is expected to be an upper-class romance set in the upper echelons of Regency London.


Shonda recently signed a deal with the streaming giants. And this will be the first script to be adapted to Shondaland! Rimes is famous for creating classic pieces such as Grey’s Anatomy, and Sandal. Her soiree into the world of period drama is raising a few eyes. Her penchant for colorblind casting and melodramatic and witty dialogue will make Bridgerton essential viewing when first released on 25 December 2020 on Netflix.

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What is the Netflix Show Bridgerton All About?

From the official trailer of the new Netflix Show Bridgerton, which you can see below, it looks exceptional in terms of quality and authenticity. And because Shonda is famous for her style of filming, it’s expected to focus on aesthetics, gossip, and intrigue.


For those who don’t already know, Bridgerton is an adaptation of the best-selling novel series from Julia Quinn. The basic story of the novels is flowing the fortunes of eight siblings from a well-to-do family in London high-society. It follows each of the Bridgerton kids in their quest to find love. This drama series is expected to be a popular one with the female audience on Netflix. But we don’t think that many men will be that interested in this costume period-drama.

Netflix Original Series

Over the past few years, Netflix has revolutionized television and the way we consume content. They already have numerous original productions in both film and TV series. This new Netflix show, Bridgerton, is expected to be the next success for the streaming platform.


Some of the best TV series are already on Netflix. You can already catch Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Ozark, Black Mirror, House of Cards, and many more.


Netflix is ensuring that TV series are the new blockbuster movies. Only will several seasons and lots of room for character and plot development. Make sure you check out the new Netflix Series, Bridgerton on Christmas Day, directed by the excellent Shonda Rimes.