RIP ‘Fame’ And ‘Flashdance’ Star Irene Cara

Irene Cara, the famous actor and singer, who performed in hit series like Fame and Flashdance, has died at age 63. The tragic news that Irene Cara has passed has shocked the music and entertainment world.

Irene was considered a trailblazer with her performances across Broadway, TV, music and film. She also was an inspiration for generations who saw her work as well as for aspiring performers.


Irene Cara Flashdance and Fame actress and singer starred in D.C Cab grossed 1.6M at the box office and 8M in video rental at the time in 1983. Thailand Event Guide

D.C. Cab grossed 1.6M at the box office and 8M in video rental in 1983. Thailand Event Guide


Irene Cara, Fame & Flashdance, Passed Age 63

The two hit songs that she scored in the eighties dominated 1980s pop culture. Her first hit was the lead song Fame of the eponymous musical series. The second song that followed was the era-legendary hit song from the epic music film Flashdance, “What a Feeling.”


Another phenomenon has left Mother Earth to Sing for the Angels

Sparkle with Philip Michael Thomas performing as Stix and Irene Cara as Sparkle released in 1976. Irene played in various other films and series, such as D.C. Cab in 1983, with “The Dream” song performed by her. She also sang in the first episode of the Masked Singer in 2022 in the United States. In her career, she also wrote different movies and series, including the 50 million dollars grossed film Peter Rabbit and What Happens in Vegas in her name.

She lived quietly and behind the scenes for the last few years. Irene Cara won 6 awards for her achievements and has put 158 soundtracks written to her name. The actress/singer has performed in 121 TV series.

During the last few years, Cara was no longer successful after the two-hit series and has passed at age 63. RIP Irene, we will miss you.