PRYYA Introduces “The Heroine Collection”

PRYYA is a luxury jewellery brand at Gaysorn Plaza that combines natural elegance with exceptional styles. The fine jewellery brand presents her latest collection, “The Heroine (The Heroine)“, to the collection and reflects a genuine concept of “love”.

The PRYYA brand believes that love always comes with inspiration, and the collection expresses a woman’s pride in loving herself in angled lines, reflecting her beauty.


Pryya fine jewellery The Heroine Collection. Thailand Event Guide


The Heroine collection symbolises the truth of self-love for every woman and a female hero that shares her strength, versatility and leadership.

The power of a woman can be mixed and matched with a choker necklace with a green emerald pendant. The pendant is blue sapphire that you can wear as part of your daily busy lifestyle.

Fancy-shaped diamond earrings attach to the curvature of the ear. These dangle earrings give a cool, stylish look while maintaining a classy luxury. It comes with diamond backing, and you can wear it with the same Stud Earring jewellery to create an entirely new look.

The “The Heroine” collection is considered the latest piece from PRYYA that will help to change a look for everyday wearing,  rings, earrings, pendants, and choker necklaces and combine inner power with a strong presentation.


Model wearing Pryya the Heroine Collection. Thailand Event Guide

Combine the precious beauty of rare fancy-shaped diamonds such as hexagon-shaped Hexagon diamonds or fancy Orangy Yellow diamonds to let it shine like a sun across different dimensions.

Pryya luxury jewellery also sells colourful gems that add an extra dimension and reflect the wearer’s identity. Choose from either Pink Sapphire (pink sapphire) that is sweet and mesmerizing or Purple Sapphire (purple sapphire) that has a mysterious charm and an attractive angle to let “The Heroine” tear up above the original jewellery style.

The new collection from Priyya is the Heroine Collection. Thailand Event Guide


To find out yourself, visit Pryya on the third floor of Gaysorn Village Shopping Center.