Paradise Lost – Bangkok Rooftop Bar Opening

With so much negative news since the pandemic, we have some good news with the opening of a cool new Bangkok rooftop bar. Paradise Lost is situated on the roof terrace of the Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok. The bar is offering breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views, exquisite cocktails, and sumptuous culinary delights.


If you are looking for a cool Bangkok rooftop bar experience, you seriously need to sample the newly-opened Paradise Lost!


Bangkok Rooftop Bar Rebrand and Revamp

Paradise Lost is being touted as a “neo-tropical rooftop bar”, And is bringing a special slice of utopian dining in an uber-classy environment.

Paradise Lost - Brand New Bangkok Rooftop Bar

This Bangkok rooftop bar has some amazing 360-degree city views

The opening of this exciting Bangkok rooftop bar is great news, as the establishment has overcome some delays because of the current climate. There was a long-standing rooftop bar on the same premises, but the Paradise Lost concept offers and new and funky revamp and rebrand.


Welcome to the “post-apocalyptic” world of fun at Paradise Lost and absorb the awe-inspiring views looking out across the city from this prime elevated position. Come along to sample their stunning cocktails. Or to take in the sunset or stunning cityscape and skyline as you’ve never seen before.


Bangkok Rooftop Bar Drink Menu

When you are seeking out a new and unique Bangkok rooftop bar experience, Paradise Lost is unbeatable.


Are you looking for some top-notch drinks to lubricate the wheels of fun and to accentuate the overall ambiance of a night out? If so, you are coming to the right place. The expansive Paradise Lost drinks menu will become legendary. You can choose from a sumptuous selection of high-end handpicked wines from the four corners of the planet.


The cocktail list alone will bamboozle you. Imagine sipping on a skillfully-crafted cocktail while absorbing those immense Bangkok skyline views. It doesn’t get any better than that! The drinks menu has many quality cocktails overseen by bar manager, Gabriel Lowe, who has nearly 15-years’ experience in the industry. Gabriel designed and created cocktails such as the Static Sunset, and the ‘Til the Moon Sets.

Bangkok Rooftop Bar - Bangkok Cocktail Bar

Paradise Lost is home to an amazing cocktail menu

High-End Bangkok Food Menu in Stunning Setting

In terms of a quality food menu, this stylish Bangkok rooftop bar is something special. Their food menu offers high-end cuisine in a high up venue.


Sample some of these exquisite high-end starters such as Mango Wrapped Pop Fish, Baby Calamari with Cilantro Salad, the immense Sea Urchin and Lobster Sandwich, and much more. The main course dishes are also pretty impressive. Check out some amazing imported steaks, sublime oysters, organic poultry dishes, and much more.


Are you a fan of classy imported cheeses? If so, their cheese board dishes are jaw-dropping in every way. And imagine sampling those cheeses with one of those specially imported wines. It helps to create a memorable experience of excellence.


If you just want to sit back, take in the views, have a drink, and have some nibbles, there are also some stunning snacks. This menu has something for everyone who enjoys high-end produce and a fine-dining style food menu.

Ultimate Bangkok Rooftop Bar Experience

The next time you want to have a memorable rooftop bar experience, Paradise Lost at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is the ideal choice.


The hotel is located near to the Bangkok National Stadium in a central location in the city.


When you want to merge high-end elegance in a brand new Bangkok rooftop bar, you know where to come. The food, drink, and the expansive city views are enhanced by the stylish and ultra-modern design of the bar and its chic ambiance. Do not miss out on one of the most exciting new openings in Bangkok this month.