“Nomadland” Awarded ‘Best Picture’ by National Society of Film Critics [VIDEO]

The Chloe Zhao directed ‘Nomadland’ movie has scooped the ‘Best Picture’ accolade from the National Society of Film Critics. And if you haven’t already seen the movie, you are seriously missing out.


It’s been a strange year for movies and the film industry. And although the box office numbers are dramatically down for obvious reasons, there have still been some great movies in 2021. With Nomadland being one of the most critically-acclaimed by experts.

Nomadland - Best Picture National Society of Film Critics

Nomadland was voted the Best Picture at the National Society of Film Critics Awards

National Society of Film Critic Awards

The movie news and entertainment website, ScreenDaily, reports that Nomadland won four prizes overall from the National Society of Film Critics. The basic premise of the movie is following the existence of a modern-day nomad “drifting through the margins of American society.”


This leading role position was played by actress, Frances McDormand, who won the ‘lead actress’ award for her amazing performance. The movie also scooped the “Best Picture” award, and “Best Director Award” for Chloe Zhao, who scooped this award back in 2018 for her movie, The River. Nomadland also won the “Best Cinematography” award thanks to the efforts of Joshua James Evens.

Chloe Zhao - Director of Nomadland

Chloe Zhao is the director of Nomadland and has won numerous awards for her work

National Society of Film Critics 2021

The National Society of Film Critics award is some of the most respected awards in the film industry. And any good news about the industry is very welcome at this point.


Here is a list of the award winners for this year’s ceremony:


  • Best Picture: Nomadland
  • Best Actor: Delroy Lindo (Da 5 Bloods)
  • The Best Actress: Frances McDormand (Nomadland)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Maria Bakalova (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Paul Raci (Da 5 Bloods)
  • The Best Director: Chloe Zhao (Nomadland)
  • Best Screenplay: Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Eliza Hattman)
  • Best Non-Fiction Film: Time
  • The Best Cinematography: Nomadland (Joshua James Evens)


It’s important to mention that the awards are chaired by a group fronted by Justin Chang that is a collaboration of 60 US film critics who met online to discuss and used a ballot system. This group of critics considered any movie that was opened and/or screen in the US or on Streaming platforms in 2020.

Looking Forward to 2021 Film Releases

It’s been a difficult year for the film and movie industry, especially Hollywood and in the US. The multi-billion-dollar movie industry had already lost several billion dollars due to COVID-19 by the middle of March 2020 according to the Statistica website that compiles data. And that was back in March. However, we can only focus on moving forward and making 2021 the best year ever for movies.


We hope that the 2021 National Society of Film Critics awards will be massive. Hopefully, this year can bring back audiences to cinemas and theatres, and also allow more movies to be filmed in outdoor locations with large-scale casts.