10 Best English Speaking YouTube TVs

Everyone wants to be a YouTuber these days, and it’s hardly surprising why. From spotty little kids making Minecraft videos that get 20m million views, generating thousands of dollars for the channel, to fashion, event promotions and movie review channels. However, English speaking YouTube channels in Thailand is still a bit thin on the ground. But if you want to know anything about Thailand, in this day and age, you do not have to visit a website, because you can visit a YouTube channel that is dedicated to talking about all aspects of the nation. 

Back in the olden days, when we wanted to know some information on anything, we pretty much had to go to the library or consult someone who knew what they were talking about. In this day and age, the rule book has been torn apart. Everything we need to know from the price of coffee in Prague to where to buy submachine guns along the Burmese border is now at our fingertips with the internet.

Here are the criteria that these YouTube channels must adhere to appear on the list: 

  • Thailand related content 
  • English Speaking 
  • Currently active 
  • Not only nightlife channels 
  • Not just passing through 

#10 – English Speaking YouTube American in Bangkok with Scott Mallon  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

Thailand author and long-term ex-pat, American Scott Mallon has been living in Thailand since 1995 and is what you would call an expert on living and holidaying in Thailand. If you are a man who wants manly questions answered in the most direct and non-BS manner, Scott’s English speaking YouTube channel in Thailand is a well of useful information.  

Find out about being a man living in Thailand by visiting Scott Mallon’s channel

#9 – Johnny There is Something Happening on English Speaking YouTube 

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

Johnny is an Aussie who lives in Hua Hin and spends time in BKK. He has been in Thailand for many years. His YouTube channel is basically about his experiences and exploits in Thailand. From issues with his girlfriend to information about restaurants, local attractions and basically just living in Thailand, Jonny’s English speaking YouTube channel is always fun and Infor-packed. 

Click Here to see Johnny There is Something

#8 – Kev in Thailand  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide
English Speaking YouTube Channels growing in Thailand

When you want to find a YouTube channel in Thailand who talks about beers, babes and bars, we have something for you. Kev is what some might see as the archetypal Pattaya ex-pat who trawls abut the city finding some cool hangout spots and girlies bars that you might miss if you are here on holiday. He is from the UK, down South if his dulcet tones do not mistake me, and is a friendly and sociable guy. If you want info on bars in Pattaya that are off the beaten path, Kev in Thailand is your man! In the past several months, Kev has not been so active because he has been suffering from illness, but he deserves to be on this list regardless. 

Click here to see Kev in Thailand in action 

#7 – Darren B3


10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

Darren is an Aussie who lives in Thailand, and his English Speaking YouTube channel is one of the most information-packed in terms of finding out more about Thai food, culture, temples and lots of attractions. He uploads a new video every Wednesday and is a very reliable source of information for those wishing to travel through Thailand. 

Click here to find out more about Thailand with Darren B3 

#6 – Geoff Carter 

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

Geoff Carter was initially a food vlogger that made his name making food-related YouTube videos in Thailand. In recent times, the focus of Geoff’s channels has changed from food to cataloguing his adventures in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Koh Chang. Whether he is talking about golf or some funny nightlife adventures with his mate, or the best Thailand restaurants, Geoff’s channel is fun and friendly. 

Click here to see the Geoff Carter YouTube in Thailand channel 

#5 – 20 Seconds in Thailand  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

If you want an exciting take on Southern Thailand, the channel ’20 Seconds in Thailand’ is the brainchild of Thailand Rob, who is an American who currently resides in Phuket. He is famous for strapping on his Go-Pro camera and visiting many places across Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. He always covers some of the more quirkier aspects of living in Thailand. 

Click here to see ’20 Seconds in Thailand’ 

#4 – Retire Cheap JC  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

Are you looking to retire in Thailand or build a house here or want to know about the myriad of things that a foreign ex-pat has to encounter by living in Thailand? If so, Retire Cheap JC is the ultimate YouTube channel for you. This veteran Thailand-related YouTuber has been making videos for many years, but in recent times the channel has become more about family life in Cha-Am. If you are looking for some interesting tidbits of info from someone who has been there, done that and seen it all, Retire Cheap JC is the channel to watch. 

Click here to catch Retire Cheap JC

#3 – Dead Farang  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

The Dead Farang channel is known for its very informative videos related to travelling in Thailand. From restaurants and hotels in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, to other exciting videos of other destinations in SE-Asia such as Angeles City in the Philippines, Dead Farang is a delightful and easy-to-absorb Thailand English YouTube channel. 

Click here to see the Dead Farang 

#2 – Life in Thailand  

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

The popular YouTube channel, LifeinThailand, has seen massive growth over the past couple of years. Although most English-speaking YouTube channels in Thailand are more focused on ex-pat life in tourist areas or travelling across the Kingdom or about the nightlife scene and Thai food, this one is a little more unique. If you are thinking of living in the more rural areas of Thailand where farming is more prevalent or are interested in this aspect of the Kingdom, this is the channel for you. LifeinThailand focusses on living in the rural countryside of Thailand. One of the main videos that went viral on this channel was about breeding catfish, which clocked over 5m views alone. It has catapulted this channel into one of the largest English speaking channels in Thailand. 

Click here to find out more about Living in Thailand 

#1 – Mark Wien 

10 English - Speaking YouTube Channels in Thailand - Thailand Event Guide

When it comes to the best English-speaking YouTube channel in Thailand, nobody can hold a candle to Mark Wiens. With over 5-million subscribers, Mark has become a significant player on the YouTube scene. He mainly focused on food vlogs about Thailand, but because he has become so big, he has now surpassed that market and has evolved into an entirely different beast. Over the past year or two, Mark has been travelling around the world taking his followers on a culinary journey across the planet, which has obviously helped his numbers surpass the 5-million mark.

 To see Mark Wiens’ channel, please click here 

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