New Willy Wonka Movie to Release in March 2023

The reports of a new Willy Wonka movie are true, and it will be released in March 2023. That’s the news coming from Warner Bros studios. And it will be interesting to see what angle they take when doing this remake.


It doesn’t matter when you were born, as Willy Wonka is a childhood favorite of most kids that are now adults. Whether it was the version starring Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp as Wonka, both the original and the remake were received well by critics and audiences alike. Let’s hope they don’t ruin it all with the new Willy Wonka movie.

New Willy Wonka Movie for 2023

Warner Bros insiders have stated that the new Willy Wonka movie will be released in 2023

New Willy Wonka Movie Release date

Collider website is reporting that Warner Bros insiders have stated that the new Willy Wonka movie will be released on 17 March 2023. The news is that the studios have been planning a new Wonka movie for 5 years, and it promises to be something a little different.


Collider is reporting that the movie will not be a remake of the old classic tale. And will be a new take on the story. Possibly a story about the early days of Wonka before he became the King of Candy… if there is such a thing. If they are making a movie that is completely different from the original and the remake, that is very good news. There are too many remakes in the modern world of movies, and it can get tiresome. We do not want to even think about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot! It’s just too painful to comprehend.

New Willy Wonka Movie Release in 2023

The new Willy Wonka movie role could be Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamat

Who Will Play the New Willy Wonka?

So, it begs the question, who will play the lead role in the remake? There have been many actors considered for the role. The rumor is that actors such as Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller were in prime position to take on the iconic role of Willy Wonka.


However, insiders have told Collider that it will probably be between Tom Holland and Timothee Chalamat. At this point, no one at Warner Bros is making an official statement or announcement, so we might have to wait a while on that one.

Was a New Willy Wonka Movie Needed?

Is the new Willy Wonka movie needed, or is it just Hollywood yet again rehashing a former classic? Although the storyline might be original, the film industry is really suffering from a lack of originality at the moment. It’s no wonder that more people are subscribing to Netflix to watch TV drama series that are now becoming the ‘new movies’.


However, we are willing to give the new Willy Wonka movie a chance. It’s part of our childhood, so the franchise does get some leeway from fans.