New Tom Cruise Movie Will Shoot in Space

A new Tom Cruise movie will have scenes shot in outer space. Tom Cruise might have the reputation for being vertically challenged, but the pint-sized star will be looking down on us all from the International Space Station.


This Tom Cruise space movie will be directed by Doug Liman. The two are expected to go on a mission into space on October 2021, although no date has yet to be released.

Tom Cruise Goes Into Space

Tom Cruise will be visiting the ISS to research the movie

New Tom Cruise Movie on the ISS

The NME has reported that Cruise and Liman will take a space journey with Aximon Space, which has a contract with SpaceX. Although no leaks have yet surfaced to give more details on the movie, it sounds really exciting.


Initial reports of the movie surfaced earlier this year, but a date for the space flight has yet to be stated. Apparently, there is room for another traveler, but there is no new in regards to whom that might be.

The International Space Station is where Tom Cruise will Visit

Tom Cruise will be visiting the International Space Station for research on the film

Space Mission Will Take 10 Days

Tom Cruise has had his head in the clouds for many years. But now it’s finally becoming a reality. The Scientology fanatic is always very controversial Whether it’s joining a cult or jumping around like a fool on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The guy is strange to say the least. But at least he was teller than Prince.


The space mission to the International Space Station (ISS) for the new Tom Cruise movie will take 10 days. The new film is being lauded as the first-ever movie to be shot in space. At this moment, nobody knows the title of the Tom Cruise space movie, but it’s apparently not a new Mission Impossible film. Thank god.

New Tom Cruise Movie a Sequel?

Cruise has previously worked with Liman on a science fiction film called the Edge of Tomorrow. And there plans for a sequel for that movie. Could this be the sequel? Nobody knows at this moment in time.


One thing is for sure. Tom Cruise is going to be head and shoulders above everyone for once in his life. We shouldn’t make jokes about vertically challenged people. It’s beneath us! But sometimes we are short of things to say!


The new Tom Cruise movie is definitely making news. He is traveling into space to research the role. So it’s going to be something unique and never seen before in cinema.