New Thailand COVID-19 Lockdown Imminent?

Is a new Thailand COVID-19 lockdown imminent? There are lots of rumors mounting that Thai PM, Prayut Chan-o-chan, might well issue a lockdown across the Kingdom in the lead up to the New Year’s Eve Countdown festivities.


Everything was going so well. And then BOOM! If a new Thailand COVID-19 lockdown is issued, it will be a massive blow to nightlife and events-based businesses who are seriously trying to recover after almost no business for most of 2020.

Thailand's COVID-19 policy is being praised

Thailand COVID-19 Lockdown?

After the major COVID-19 breakout in Samut Sakhon over the weekend where over 500 people tested positive for COVID-19, concerns are at fever pitch. Prime Minister Prayut on Monday had some things to say about the breakout and an imminent Thailand COVID-19 lockdown.


The alleged main cause of the new COVID-9 breakout was migrant workers from Burma bringing the virus back into the country. Even Prayut admitted that “Everyone shares the responsibility for the mistake”. This was reported in the Bangkok Post.


Way to own your mistakes! It’s everyone’s mistake.  Nice one.

Thaialnd and COVID-19

New Thailand COVID-19 Lockdown Madness

The prime minister also went onto mention some other interesting things about a possible Thailand COVID-19 lockdown. He reckons that everyone should help the health authorities in containing the spread of the virus by being sensible. He also said that they plan to test as many migrant workers as possible at this time. And if we all fail to work together to spread the virus “a lockdown could become unavoidable”.


Let’s just put the madness into perspective here for a minute. No-One died. An average of 60 people dies every day on Thai roads. Just adding some much-needed perspective to all the fear-based propaganda doing the rounds. Of course, governments and multi-national pharmaceutical companies want to make sure we are safe. They want to help us!!! They want to take care of us!!!!! Probably in a Joe Pesci Goodfellas sort of way.

The Future for Thailand New Year Countdown Parties

As we speak, no official statement has been made on whether the Thailand New Year’s Eve festivities will go ahead or not. At this time, it’s anyone’s guess!


There is already news circling that a major Bangkok New Year’s Eve countdown party has been canceled. But as we already know, Bangkok is one of the most closer locations to Samut Sakhon. So it only makes sense that the capital’s new year’s plans are in flux. So many companies have spent major funds to promote new year’s eve, which will be another blow to businesses across Thailand.


Will there be a new Thailand COVID-19 lockdown? We hope not. But let’s keep our ears open for any news.