5 Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan Movies for January 2021

There is nothing more fun than a Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan movie binge. Jackie might not bring the artistic acting swagger of Al Pacino, but his movies are fun-personified. And also have some of the best action scenes ever recorded with the Kung-Fu acting wizard performing his own stunts.


Are you looking for fun and family-friendly movies to watch this month? Although the likes of Drunken Master might not have made Netflix yet, some of Jackie’s most famous action movies have. Here are 5 Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan Movies for January 2021.


#1 – Wheels on Meals

One of the most entertaining Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan movies is Wheels on Meals. Set in Barcelona, Spain, this is quite possibly one of the most fun Jackie Chan action movies. The movie also stars the unbelievable Samo Hung and is a real rollercoaster of fighting, fun, and action. If you want an uncomplicated action movie with lots of fun stunts and laughs, check out Wheels on Meals on Netflix Thailand.


#2 – Armour of God – Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan Movies

Armour of God - Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan Movies

Armour of God is one of the most exciting Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan films

Armour of God is one of Jackie Chan’s most successful action movies. And the movie where the martial arts actor nearly died in a stunt near the start of the film while escaping from the tribe. If you are looking for a fun experience. Armour of God is truly spectacular. When you want to catch a quality Jackie Chan action film from before he moved to Hollywood, this is the one.


#3 – Rumble in the Bronx

One of Jackie Chan’s first soirees into the American movie market was Rumble in the Bronx. The movie was first made back in 1995 and gave Jackie a springboard catapult into the consciousness of Western movie fans. The film is fun, frantic, full of fighting, and full of laughs. If this is your first time watching a Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan movie, you have chosen correctly.


#4 – Rush Hour – Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Netflix Thailand - Rush Hour

Rush Hour is one of the Jackie Chan’s most exciting films

The Rush Hour trilogy is some of Jackie Chan’s most popular Hollywood style action movies. Rush Hour sees the combination of Chan and American actor Chris Tucker, who becomes Jackie’s cop partner to solve a kidnapping case. The film is a laugh a minute with some cool fighting scenes. All three movies are worth the watch, just for the chemistry between Chan and Tucker alone.


#5 – Police Story

When Jackie Chan firstly transitioned from Kung-Fu flicks to Hong Kong action movies with Raymond Chow and Golden Harvest, Police Story took it to the next level. This Hong-Kong-based cop action thriller has some of the best stunts you will ever see in an action flick. Police Story is truly classy and must be watched at all costs. Especially if you are a budding Jackie Chan fan.


Make sure you check out these top 5 Netflix Thailand Jackie Chan action movies. This is the perfect opportunity to do your research on one of the greatest action movie stars to ever grace the big screen.