Microsoft Partners with Thailand for AI-Powered Digital Innovation

Microsoft and Thailand partners into a digital-first era using artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology. The collaboration solidified through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on Nov 15. Aims to enhance economic competitiveness, generate high-value jobs, and position Thailand as a regional leader in digital innovation and sustainability.


Microsoft and Thailand partners for a digital revolution, AI for economic growth, skills development, sustainable innovation. Thailand Event Guide


Digital Transformation for Economic Competitiveness

Thailand and Microsoft’s collaboration seeks to harness the power of AI and cloud technology to bolster the country’s economic competitiveness. This initiative aligns with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry’s digital government and cloud-first policies, with a focus on developing smart digital infrastructure in key sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, tourism, and education.


Strengthening Cybersecurity and Data Center Investment

Microsoft pledges to work closely with Thai government agencies to fortify the country’s cybersecurity posture, offering industry-leading best practices and expertise. Both parties are exploring the possibility of data center investments to amplify cloud and AI utilization in Thailand, further contributing to the nation’s technological advancement.


Establishing a Strategic AI Centre of Excellence

The collaboration includes plans to establish a strategic AI Centre of Excellence, accelerating ongoing AI projects in the public sector. The aim is to define a clear roadmap for AI implementation, foster innovation across various sectors, and contribute to Thailand’s goal of generating 48 billion baht in business and social impact through AI by 2027.


Future-Ready Skills Development

Microsoft is committed to developing future-ready skills for 10 million Thais. Collaborating with the ministry and other stakeholders to equip citizens with essential skills. The collaboration focuses on advancing digital literacy, and language proficiency, and nurturing the next generation of citizen developers.


Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energy

As part of Thailand’s commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065. Microsoft will collaborate with government agencies to create a sustainability sandbox. This initiative aims to develop scalable environmental innovations for public sector entities, large enterprises, and small businesses. Microsoft also commits to working towards 100% renewable energy usage for potential investments in the country.


Microsoft’s partners with Thailand signifies a pivotal step towards digital transformation and sustainable development. The integration of AI and cloud technology not only enhances economic competitiveness but also positions Thailand as a leader in digital innovation. This partnership reflects a commitment to equipping Thais with essential skills. Fortifying cybersecurity measures, and driving environmental sustainability. A holistic approach towards a technologically advanced and environmentally conscious future.


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