5 Martin Scorsese Best Movies on Netflix Thailand

Are you looking to watch the best movies on Netflix Thailand during the lockdown period? If so, you have to go with the best directors and film-makers. And is any modern-day director more lauded than Martin Scorsese?


Known for his biopics and movies that are based on true stories, Scorsese has directed some of the best movies over the past 30 years. The likes of Raging Bull and Taxi driver are just some of his earlier films, and they are classics. Anyway, here are 5 of Martin Scorsese’s best movies on Netflix Thailand. We hope you have a great time with these classic flicks.


#1 – Gangs of New York – Best Movies on Netflix Thailand

If you are looking for a rip-roaring film with lots of fighting action and a take on recent history, Gangs of New York is just the ticket. This is the first Martin Scorsese movie that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and is a portrayal of the gang scene in New York in the later 1800s and early 1900s. It’s compelling stuff. You can click here to see Gangs of New York, which is one of the best movies on Netflix Thailand.


#2 – The Irishman

The Irishman - Best Movies on Netflix Thailand

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino staring in the 2019 The Irishman, which is one of the best movies on Netflix Thailand

The Irishman is the most recent Martin Scorsese movies and is an instant classic. The film is based on the true event of Jimmy Hoffa disappearing and the mafia’s involvement in that. Robert De Niro plays hitman Frank Sheeran, while Jimmy Hoffa is played by Al Pacino. Joe Pesci plays the role of mob boss Russell Buffalino. The movies using CGI aging techniques and is the first movie to use this technology to change the ages of characters. The movie is also fantastic. Click here to see The Irishman on Netflix Thailand.


#3 – Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street | Top Netflix Thailand Picks

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the coolest movies to catch on Netflix Thailand

The World of Wall Street is a lavish biopic on the life of rogue wall street trader Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is one of Leo’s best-ever performances and a true movie of sin and debauchery. We follow the true-life story of stock trader Belfort who epitomizes the greed, sex, drugs, and madness of Wall Street in the 1990s. Be warned, there are lots of graphic sex scenes. In our opinion, this is one of the best movies on Netflix Thailand. The acting performances from Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie are also to be commended. Check out Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix Thailand today.


#4 – Goodfellas – Best Movies on Netflix Thailand

Goodfellas could quite possibly be the best gangster/mafia flick of all-time. It’s that good. It’s definitely one of the best movies on Netflix Thailand. The movie follows the ‘real-life’ exploits of mafia acquaintance Henry Hill. It’s a film about the rise and fall of Henry. The film stars Ray Liotta as Hill but also has amazing performances from Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, which is not the cornerstone of Scorsese films. The movie is exciting, funny, meticulously filmed, and lots of fun to watch.


#5 – Casino – Netflix Thailand

If you loved Goodfellas, you will also love Casino. It’s very similar in the way it’s filmed, it’s mafia content and the actors. Robert De Niro is back as gambling messiah Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein. And Joe Pesci plays the violent rogue Nicky Santoro. The movie is about how mafia money funded the construction of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Again, the movie is violent, extremely funny, and just fascinating in every way. Sharon Stone also plays a great supporting role. But once again, Joe Pesci steals the show with his performance as the dangerous gangster Santoro. Please click here to see Casino on Netflix Thailand.


Martin Scorsese has directed and co-written some of the best movies on Netflix Thailand. We hope you enjoy these five films. We did! You can also find the best 5 mafia movies on Netflix from our previous post.