Netflix Movies This Month

Netflix movies debut some great movie downloads. Netflix movies screenings include Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Conjuring, Downsizing, Free Willy and American Factory. This month’s Netflix movies and series for your homestay.


Spider-Man “Into the Spider-Verse” Debut



A Young Teenager is about Miles Morales, the young successor to Spiderman, in this Oscar-winning animation film. The Super Villain Kingpin threatens New York and the kid is thrown into the deep to solve the issue when he receives help from the various dimensions.


The Conjuring on Netflix Movies



A demon threatens a family. in this horror hit. Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal investigators, take up the task to investigate this creepy case. In 2013, this film was one of the most successful horror films. The film served for the good of new releases including Annabelle and The Nun on Netflix movies.


The Conjuring on Netflix Movies. Thailand Event Guide

The Conjuring on Netflix Movies. Thailand Event Guide


Downsizing one Netflix App



Matt Diamon steps into a self-reduced size in a satirical comedy by Oscar-winner Alexander Payne (Sideways and The Descendants). Matt moves to a miniature resident park for small people where he lives a more luxurious life while supporting the environment. He finds that society still appears as dishonest and full of pitfalls in a funny way to be seen on Netflix movies.

Free Willy



Problem making teenager Jesse makes friends with Willy, an orca who lives in captivity. Willy’s owner wants to kill the species to collect insurance money. Jesse decides to free his friend.



13 Reasons Why: Season 3



Hannah Baker’s suicide storyline has been closed. Unfortunately, Liberty High has not yet returned to peace. The school is captured in an iron grip of a mysterious murder. The list of suspects is horribly long and the victim not exactly loved.

Hyperdrive: Season 1



Amateur drivers are on the test pit with spectacular obstacle courses in Hyperdrive. Compare this game show a crossover from Fast & Furious and American Ninja Warrior with Charlize Theron as the action hero.



On Netflix Movies: American Factory



Thousands of people lose their jobs after the American Factory closes its doors. Chinese investors step in to save the factory and the workers’ relief is big. Unfortunately, cultural differences are at stake causing great tensions between the investors and the workers.