Kickboxer Van Damme and Mike Tyson

Kickboxer Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson are in Thailand for the new action film “Kickboxer 2.” The film will be released in the USA next month.

The film is about an MMA-champion Kurt Sloan who has to fight a one-time-only and almost impossible fight in Thailand. Kurt Sloan has revealed never to return to Thailand, but instead, he ends up in a Thai prison.

Kurt receives two million dollars and his freedom back if he wins. Kurt initially refuses, but after placing a bounty on his head to force him fighting the beast Mongkut. Kurt learns that there is no other way then to undergo the most rigorous training by the best to compete, win and get his freedom back.

From Thailand With Fight is Kickboxer 2. Thailand Event Guide

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson return to the big screen. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand is the location for both Retaliation as well as the first Kickboxer Vengeance. The movie came out in 2016. The film rated 77% with likes. The story also shoots in New Orleans Louisiana and Los Angeles and was released in 2016. The film ranks 77% likes.

The first story shares the life of Kurt Sloan. He has always been there for his brother who’s known as a modern-day warrior. When the ruthless and undefeated fighter Tong Po ends Eric’s life in a match in Thailand, Kurt starts training with a master for the ultimate revenge.