The Ice Cream To Make You Freeze

What’s interesting is that the first ice cream machine made its way to the Kingdom during the reign of King Rama V. Back then, ice cream was not more than coconut water and ice – and that was a great treat. Nowadays, you can find excellent coconut ice combos anywhere in Thailand.

When you’re walking a long-long time in Bangkok or in any other place in Thailand, ice-cream can cool you off and is a mouthwatering treat. When the ice-cream is fresh and organic, you can taste freshness and passion. Who doesn’t love it?

Over the years global brands and organic ice-cream stores have opened, and some of them have grown nationwide. You can find Swensen‘s ice-cream in almost any large shopping centre or Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs in upper-class department stores or near the beach outlets.

Ice-cream is the best treat to yourself. A gift from heaven. Delicious selections, an out of this world taste, organic flavours, romantic decoration, you can find delightful ice-cream in Thailand. Here Your 3 Tips For The Best Ice Cream in Bangkok.

#Ghignoni, Italian Ice Cream in Bangkok

The Royal King ice cream maker, Palmiro Bruschi, opened in 1981 in Tuscany, Italy one of the first gelaterias. Bangkok opened recently a Ghignoni Gelato. They make the gelato daily fresh without any colours or preservatives added. Order your first choice and top them up with authentic Italian sprinkles and cream. Yummy.

When you think that this is a lost choice in Bangkok, then it is great to know that there is more deliciousness that can be found. There are a few places, like Ghignoni, with great tasting ice-cream which are worth a try.

#Farm To Table, Organic Ice Cream in Thailand

Farm to Table is an Organic Cafe that serves up great tasting organic ice-cream made with vegan or gluten-free ingredients and flavours. Everybody loves it. You can order some colourful toppings that go well with the rest of the ice-cream. It has got a gelato-like taste to it, and it is served-up Thai-style. A great fusion-ice-cream to try out is a gelato with soybeans and Lod Chong. Drink some matcha green tea or enjoy a cup of coffee after.

#Buddhi Belly, Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Treating You Well

Buddhi Belly is a great treat for your partner and you together or just for you. There are two locations in the Siam area. It’s a delicious choice to go for if you’re in the mood for frozen yoghurt. It’s not too sweet, and it has a great flavour backing it. There are tropical flavours, nuts, and delicious jellies that you can add-on to your ice-cream. Go over there on a Saturday Afternoon, and order a local ice-cream on their specials menu. “Buddhi” means mind, wisdom or brain and gives the Buddha-calmness that you get after eating one of their ice-cream specials. In other words, it is “wise-eating”. The Buddhi Belly experience is an artful expression of different flavours and styles. Ice-cream is the chosen medium.

#Guss Damn Good, An Ice Cream Experience That You Would Want To Come Back For

GDG is initially rooted in Boston, where the founders Rarin Tumwattana and Natee Charussuriyong firstly met. They wanted to create a boutique ice-cream experience that was so unique that their friends would want to come every day. For more than a year now, Guss Damn Good has become one of the best ice-cream parlours. They’ve even launched a micro-home in Saladaeng Soi 1, to experiment with different flavours and ideas. Its truly a millennial-styled ice-cream experience and it has everything you love about ice-cream!

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