3 Best Bars For Your Top Night Out

Bangkok is a premier party destination for all things fun, and it has the best nightclubs and secret bars that you can find across Asia. Who doesn’t love to have a good time on a night out?

It’s so close by for many tourists coming from across the world. Bangkok is the preferred destination for people from around the world to check out its sights and sounds!

Bars Cocktail making. People dancing during a night out in Havana Social. Thailand Event Guide

Serving cocktail drinks. Thailand Event Guide

Bangkok has a lot of surprises, great cuisines, and amazing people who are helpful and friendly.

You want to visit its most popular destinations, as well as check out some of its best bars. These bars are some of the best ones in all of Bangkok, and they are absolutely “slaying-it” when it comes to great music, party-scene and drinks. If you want an out of body experiences dancing it to the latest beats, visit these clubs now!

Bangkok bars # Teens of Thailand – Recently voted the best bar in all of Bangkok.

One of Hype bars in Nana Bangkok. People dancing during a night out in Havana Social. Thailand Event Guide

Teens of Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Teens of Thailand is a fantastic place in Soi Nana, open till 1 is on weekends. The area of Soi Nana was one of the hottest party places in Bangkok either way before ToT came along, and its a fantastic place to paint the town red. It looks like it’s carved out of stone on the outside, and the inside is buzzing with young people and loud music. You can squeeze into this tight spot, but remember to come early night as it gets packed quickly! What’s cool is that Niks, the resident bar-chief, changes the drinks list every day and he makes them on-the-spot. The bar is an exhibition/art fusion with rock and roll inspired décor and taste. You’ll love it!

Bangkok Bars # Maggie Choo’s – is another bar that’s hip and somewhat controversial.

The popular bar and restaurant Maggie Choo in Bangkok, Thailand

Interior photo of the popular Maggie Choo in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Their music is loud, and their crowd is fantastic, but they have a specific vibe that some people may not like. Ancient Thai culture inspires Their décor, and they have the best selection of drinks and food. Its tiny at first, but then you open a secret black door, and the bar is huge and amazing! It looks like the inside of a Harry Potter novel. The place has been built from an old East India Company Bank vault. It’s got a charming vibe about it that people take some time to get used to, but once they do – they visit this place often. If you’re a fan of Jazz, then come by after 10 pm and bring your colleagues and friends for a relaxing time to unwind from the day. Maggie Choo is in Silom, so you can pub-hop after and visit other bars after it shuts down.

Bangkok Bars #Havana Social – When You want something different and secret.

Bars night People dancing during a night out in Havana Social. Thailand Event Guide

Havana Social. Thailand Event Guide

Well, there’s nowhere else to go but Havana Social! This site looks authentic, rusty and dingy but the overall flow of this place is incredible! It’s a secret bar in Sukhumvit Soi 11. You have to call them for the password to enter the bar at (+66) 087 066 7711. Cool yeah? The interiors and décor are unique and sophisticated, and the whole place is designed to resemble a run-down punk rocker kind of feeling. A place where you can do anything and be anyone. Come over on Saturday nights and enjoy their DJ’s hip music with an authentic Cuba libre at any of their bar counters. Seriously, call that number!

Bangkok Bars #Bamboo Bar @ Mandarin Oriental – This is the perfect place to bring a date to if you want to have a classy night in town.

Bamboo Bar is one of Bangkok famous bars. Oriental Hotel interior Bamboo bar. Thailand Event Guide

Bangkok Bamboo Bar. Thailand Event Guide

You want to get away from it all and enter this sophisticated bar for two. It’s a cosy environment with a live band playing classics all night long. Some days they have a 4-person orchestra playing the best sounds of the time past. It’s a classy place that resembles the movie “La La Land”, and it looks like the best place to be in all of Bangkok. It’s a strong tourist attraction, and it has all the flavours of being one of the best bars that you can visit.