Leisurely Days at Lumpini Park Bangkok

If you talk to anyone about parks in this sprawling metropolis, the most famous of all is Lumpini Park Bangkok. The park is known for its peace, tranquility, and lots of shade. It’s also a place where local Bangkok people like to go on weekends to relax and to unwind with family and friends. If you are holidaying in Bangkok on a budget, spending an afternoon at Lumpini Park is free, fun, and friendly.


Lumpini Park Bangkok offers a bit of green parkland in the middle of the sprawling Bangkok metropolis. The park was named after Lord Buddha and is a massive 500,000sqm in size that offers a vast plethora of flora and fauna that is quite impressive in the middle of a city.

Lumpini Park Bangkok - Bangkok Attractions

Lumpini Park Bangkok is easily the most famous park in the city

Relaxing on Lumpini Park Bangkok

The park’s roots and history date back to the 1920s when it was being set-up as an exhibition center for Thai crafts and flower shows. However, this vision never actually came to fruition. But Lumpini Park has become one of the most used and loved parks in Thailand. It’s the perfect place where Bangkokians can get away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours.


This is a park that is a prominent place for outdoor activities. It is normal to see locals jogging, doing light workouts, aerobics, and lots of other recreational things. Especially around sunset when the temperatures are a little bit less humid.


The park is sometimes referred to as the ‘Green Lung’ of Bangkok and is a place where you will often see older people practicing Tai Chi. You will see all manner of city people walking the park such as sweetheart lovers, city workers looking for a bit of serenity, and people just chilling by the lake. Lumpini Park Bangkok is a very important thing for balancing the stresses of the city with natural scenery.

Bangkok Parks - Lumpini Park Bangkok

Lumpini Park Bangkok is a scenic place to relax and stroll

Flora and Fauna at Lumpini Park Bangkok

The flora and fauna at Lumpini Park are pretty impressive. There are many different kinds of species such as water monitor lizards, lots of birds, and insect life. There are lots of flowers and trees that loom beyond the skyscrapers and offer a real slice of parkland in Bangkok.


The best time to visit the park is in the week if you are looking for some quiet because at weekends the park is full of families. Other recreational activities at the park include paddleboats and even a cool outdoor gym that is a great place to do some workouts in the park. Open-air aerobics and even basketball are some of the most popular outdoor pursuits at Lumpini Park Bangkok.


Sometimes during special occasions, you can see full-on Jazz performances in the park with classical musicians and other Jazz outfits that do some extravagant shows. You can hire mats for about 30 THB so you can sit on the grounds in comfort.

Lumpini Park Gardens

The Lumpini Park Gardens are spacious and peaceful. You will not find another place like this in the center of Bangkok city. If you are looking for a quiet place of contemplation in the city to get away for a few hours, nothing compares to Lumpini. Whether you are wanting a refreshing morning stroll, a bit of exercise like cycling and jogging, yoga or just to chill, Lumpini Park is the perfect place to visit.


At night the park is full of many different characters, but we would recommend you stick to daytime and early-evening visits. When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours of relaxation and serenity, nothing can match a few hours in Lumpini Park Bangkok. The locals, ex-pats, and holidaymakers alike love to visit the park when they are in Bangkok. And the best part is everything is free.


Lumpini Park GPS Location: 13.731218, 100.544530