Did you know that Underwater World Pattaya is always ranked in the upper echelons of Pattaya attractions on TripAdvisor? There are many quality tourist attractions in Pattaya that focus on wholesome family fun. One of the most popular and famous is the world-class aquarium at Pattaya Underwater Word.


This purpose-built aquarium is one of the best of its kind in Thailand. And home to some of the most exotic marine life imaginable. From reptiles, amphibians, and birds to fighting fish, Underwater World Pattaya is the coolest aquarium.


Nobody visits Pattaya with their family without making the special journey to Pattaya Underwater World. The venue is located in an easy-to-find position, directly on Sukhumvit Road. It’s located between Pattaya and Jomtien, near to the Makro Supermarket. The aquarium is famous for its 105-meter long underwater tunnel and a vast amount of sea and marine life, giving you the opportunity to swim with sharks and much more.

Pattaya Underwater World - Best Pattaya Attractions

Underwater World Pattaya is one of the best family-style Pattaya attractions

Best Family Attractions in Pattaya


The aquarium first opened its doors in 2003 and has become the most popular tourist attraction in Pattaya, constantly evolving and showcasing new and interesting marine life for your educational pleasure.


Underwater World Pattaya is the best purpose-built aquarium in the region, famous for its 105-meter long underwater tunnel that holds up to 3.8 million litres of water and showcases a stunning selection of more than 5,000 fishes from 500 different species, offering the ultimate marine life experience in the city.


Experiencing Underwater World Pattaya


Underwater World Pattaya does have the most amazing choice of exotic marine life you can possibly imagine, set across different Zones. The ‘Touch Pool’ is where you can get up-close and personal with all manner of marine life that includes stunning sharks, stylish stingrays, top-notch turtles, soothing starfishes and many many more verities of marine life. There are zones that include the ‘Reef Zone’, ‘Sharks and Rays’, ‘Shipwreck zones’ and even an ‘Otter Zone’. Make sure you also get eh chance to see their brand-new Reptilian Zone and also their Bird Zone.


If you want to check out some of the most interesting marine life this month, get over to Pattaya Underwater World to experience the immense selection of fighting fish on showcase. Whether you are by yourself, with a friend or your other half, or with a group of friends or a large family with kids, this Pattaya aquarium is simply spectacular.

Pattaya Underwater World - Pattaya Family Attractions

This purpose-built aquarium is one of the best in Thailand


Feeding times:

Tunnel 1: Coral Reef Zone

10.30 am. & 3.00 pm.


Tunnel 2: Shark & Ray Zone

11.00 am. & 4.00 pm.


Tunnel 3: Giant of Siam Zone

11.30 am. & 3.30 pm.


Otter Tank

11.30 am. & 02.30 pm.


***Subject to change

How to find Underwater World Pattaya


BY CAR: Take Highway 3 (Sukhumvit Road) towards Pattaya and Sattahip from the Bangna Trat Expressway or the Motorway go past Pattaya South Road and you will Tesco Lotus on the right-hand side. Take the next u-turn and you will arrive at Underwater World. The aquarium is located between Jomtien and Thepprasit Road, next to the Makro superstore.


If you want to find the venue, every taxi driver in Pattaya knows of Underwater World. The venue is just a 5-minute drive from Pattaya Beach Road.


Underwater World Pattaya is easily one of the most popular Pattaya attractions. The venue is situated in a central location that is easily found in any part of the city. The attraction offers so many options for both families and single persons alike. There are so many great things to see and do at the venue. When you want to find an educational place to take your family that is something different from the beach, this is the perfect attraction for you.