Boat Lagoon On The East Coast of Phuket

Boat Lagoon is known as one of the most prestigious Phuket marinas, situated on the east coast of Phuket, a 10-minute drive from Phuket Town and is home to affordable boat moorings, top-not Phuket real estate options, stylish Phuket restaurants, bars and much more. This really is the perfect all-in-one complex for all your holiday and luxury lifestyle requirements.

Boat Lagoon is a great place to live or moor your yacht

Not only is it a great place to live or moor your yacht, but also offers many communal facilities such as a swimming pool and much more. In operation since 1994, and coming with a 180-berth lagoon, the marina is professionally run and operated to high Western standards.

Event Phuket Thailand Phuket Boat Lagoon Weekend on Thailand Event Guide

Boat Lagoon Weekend. The Phuket Boat Lagoon Weekend is a special 2-day event that will be the perfect place to visit with your family or friends.

Boat Lagoon merges luxury and lifestyle

There is a wide range of boat maintenance services at this Phuket marina available, which mainly includes repairs for boats of up to 80 tonnes. Merging a luxury lifestyle atmosphere with a fully-functional marina ensures that Phuket Boat Lagoon is one of the premier estates on Phuket Island.

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