In the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok, Route 66 Club emerges as a pulsating heartbeat of nightlife, drawing locals, expats, and eager tourists into its dynamic embrace. Let’s dive into the beats, vibes, and unforgettable experiences of this iconic party haven.


Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Route 66 Club stands as a testament to the harmonious merger of Thai and European clubbing concepts. This three-room venue has become a household name, captivating party enthusiasts with its diverse music beats and electric atmosphere.


Vibrant beats of Bangkok's Route 66 Club, Thai and European vibes converge, nightlife experience. Thailand Event Guide


A Journey Through Sound

Embarking on a journey through Route 66, revelers encounter three distinctive rooms, each offering a unique sonic experience. From the intimate dance room to the live room featuring solo artists and indie bands, the pinnacle awaits in the main hip-hop room. Here, a fusion of hip-hop, commercial dance tunes, nostalgic pop, trap, and EDM creates a musical kaleidoscope that keeps the crowd pulsating.


Party Hard, Party Smart

The entrance fee, a modest 500 baht, opens the doors to all realms of the club. While the fee includes access to all areas, partygoers often find comfort in claiming a table for the night. Noteworthy is the added perk – the 500 baht fee converts into drink vouchers, a deal that elevates the overall experience.


Epicenter of Celebration

Situated at the apex of the renowned Royal City Avenue (RCA), Route 66 Club has become synonymous with wild parties, especially during national celebrations. The club’s diverse music policy caters to all tastes, featuring dance-pop, hip-hop, R&B, house, trance, electronic, and Thai pop music throughout the week.


Thai-Style Revelry

Known for its Thai-style clubbing, Route 66 welcomes partygoers to arrive in groups, savor top-shelf bottles, and claim a table for the night. The vibrant atmosphere encourages camaraderie, making it easy to strike up conversations with neighboring tables and make new friends.


A Week of Endless Revelry

Route 66 Club doesn’t rest; it pulses with energy throughout the week. Whether you crave the midweek dance-pop vibes or the Saturday night crescendo, each visit promises a memorable party. Saturdays, in particular, witness a surge in energy, making it advisable to secure a table before the night hits its peak after 10 pm.


Vibrant beats of Bangkok's Route 66 Club, Thai and European vibes converge, nightlife experience. Thailand Event Guide


Route 66 Club isn’t just a nightclub; it’s a realm where beats echo, and celebrations come alive. For locals, expats, and thrill-seeking tourists, this legendary establishment in the heart of Bangkok invites you to dance, mingle, and create lasting memories. Route 66 Club isn’t just a destination; it’s a rhythm-filled journey through the soul of Bangkok’s nightlife.


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