Amanpuri Phuket stands as a serene haven where whispers of coconut palms and the gentle sighs of the Andaman Sea create a harmonious symphony with villas and pavilions. As Aman’s inaugural resort, it promises an escape to space, serenity, and an idyllic white-sand beach, inviting you to indulge in exceptional dining, holistic wellness, and a redefined Thai design heritage.


Amanpuri Phuket, a serene haven, pavilions and villas luxury. Thailand Event Guide


Rediscovering Amanpuri Phuket Timeless Beauty

Amanpuri Phuket standalone Pavilions, meticulously reconfigured, now boast an enhanced Thai design heritage. The iconic flagship resort, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, seamlessly blends Thai tradition with timeless serenity. The elegant Pavilions, with oversized bathrooms and dressing areas, offer airy retreats, while Villas provide consummate privacy, cocooned by coconut palms casting tropical shadows onto private swimming pools and terraces.


Amanpuri’s Pavilions: A Retreat in Nature

Enclosed by nature and accessed via floating walkways enveloped in lush vegetation, Amanpuri Phuket Pavilions serve as elegant sanctuaries. With spacious dressing areas, oversized bathrooms, and ample private outdoor space boasting ocean or garden views, these Pavilions redefine the art of retreat.


Villas: A Private Haven by the Andaman Sea

Echoing the Buddhist architecture of ancient Ayutthaya, Amanpuri Phuket Villas provide unparalleled privacy and peace. Ocean-front Villas offers sweeping views over the Andaman Sea, while Garden Villas are nestled in tropical flora. Each Villa features expansive private swimming pools and resident Thai chefs ready to craft delectable local cuisine.


Amanpuri Phuket, a serene haven, pavilions and villas luxury. Thailand Event Guide


All-Inclusive Bliss

All Amanpuri Phuket Villas offer not only exceptional privacy but also come with expansive private swimming pools. Residents enjoy the services of resident Thai chefs for authentic local cuisine. Every stay includes in-room refreshments, daily afternoon tea, movement classes, and access to wellness facilities, including a glass-walled gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and tennis courts.


Wellness Redefined

Amanpuri Phuket Holistic Wellness Centre is a dedicated haven for tailored treatments, massages, immersions, and personalized fitness programs. It’s a sanctuary that aims to enhance the body and enrich the spirit, allowing guests to discover a renewed sense of well-being.


Host Your Perfect Event

From the resort’s peaceful peninsula, you can choose uniquely private locations to host any event or wedding celebration. Amanpuri Phuket provides the perfect backdrop for creating memories that last a lifetime.


Global Gastronomy at Amanpuri

Amanpuri Phuket restaurants delve into the authentic culinary traditions of Thailand, Japan, Italy, and the Mediterranean against the stunning backdrop of the Phuket coast. Embark on a culinary journey that elevates the dining experience to a whole new level.


Amanpuri Phuket, a serene haven, pavilions and villas luxury. Thailand Event Guide


Getting Here

Conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Phuket International Airport (HKT), Amanpuri Phuket is easily accessible. The multilingual reservations team is always ready to assist with travel planning, ensuring a seamless journey from booking a single night to crafting multi-resort itineraries.


Amanpuri in Phuket is not just a resort; it’s a journey into tranquility, luxury, and holistic well-being. From the reimagined Pavilions to the secluded Villas, every corner of Amanpuri reflects a commitment to providing an unparalleled escape. With global gastronomy, wellness experiences, and breathtaking views, Amanpuri Phuket invites you to redefine your idea of a perfect retreat. Indulge in the whispers of coconut palms and the serenity of the Andaman Sea—your oasis awaits at Amanpuri Phuket.


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