LIVV Bakery Café offers fine dining in Pattaya experiences in an ultra-modern café setting. It’s one of the most exciting eateries that exist just outside the city in East Pattaya.


When you are a connoisseur of not only high-quality cuisine but also a stylish environment to match, it can be difficult to find an establishment that combines them both with unerring accuracy. Especially in Pattaya. The Livv Bakery Cafe, located in East Pattaya on Soi Khao Talo, is worth a special journey, even if you don’t live on the ‘Darkside’ of Pattaya.


Stepping foot in Livv for the first time, the ultra-modern interior creates a certain elegance where you could be in a trendy restaurant/bistro of any major city in the world. Which is a serious compliment. LIVV is more akin to an upscale restaurant than a bakery. The bakery offers upscale fine dining in Pattaya in a location close to lots of ex-pats.

LIVV Bakery - Fine Dining in Pattaya

You can get a stunning Tomahawk Steak at LIVV Bakery Pattaya

Stylish Fine Dining in Pattaya

There are no other fine dining restaurants in Pattaya that manage to create a modern yet unpretentious dining experience. Indeed, the French/Dutch owners at Livv, who are very passionate about food. They founded the restaurant because they were accustomed to the finer culinary nuances and couldn’t find something in Pattaya that matched their desires.


Scouring the menu, Livv serves a delicious choice of health-conscious breakfasts. We would recommend the delicious Salmon Egg with Crispy Livv toast with Norwegian salmon served with lettuce and dill. This dish will instigate an explosion of flavor on your taste buds.


You can also opt for a sandwich or baguette, a classic homemade pasta dish or do you could leap into the grill and sample one of Livv’s delicious steaks imported from Canada? Choices, choice… choices!


Check out the delicious Next Surf and Turf Canadian Lobster and Black Angus Tenderloin served with mash, vegetables, and mushroom sauce. This succulent dish is cooked to perfection, beautifully presented as a work of art, catapulting your palate to another dimension.

The only Tomahawk Steak in Pattaya

Not many restaurants in Thailand serve the gut-busting yet flavorsome 1.2kg Tomahawk Steak. For those of you who don’t know, the Tomahawk Steak is a Bone-In Rib Steak with the entire rib bone intact. The Tomahawk, being a Rib Steak, has the largest amount of intermuscular fat, making it the most flavorful steak. Livv Bakery Café has brought something to the city that not many other establishments for fine dining in Pattaya can offer. So if you are a meat-lover and want to try something unique, the Tomahawk Steak is the one for you.


Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial – Fine Dining in Pattaya

Sample the world’s first-ever champagne designed to be enjoyed over ice with Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial. This is a blend developed from the Moet’s signature crus, to intensify the taste experience of icy freshness and powerful aromas of tropical fruits. You won’t find this in many places in Pattaya, so it’s worth a special visit to Livv Bakery just to try this new and exciting Champagne.


Livv Bakery Café is a stylish oasis in East Pattaya. Serving a delicious selection of homemade cakes, authentic coffee brands such as the world-renowned Illy Coffee and benefitting from the best customer service as all their staff speak very good English. Dine with panache at Livv Bakery Café on Soi Khao Talo and treat yourself to something special. This is a fine dining in Pattaya experience that you don’t often get to sample.