Live is the new party venue on RCA. After a complete makeover renovation, Live has replaced the old Live RCA venue.  The new nightclub and party venue complete Bangkok’s most prominent nightlife street – Royal City Avenue or RCA.

Live will assumably be one of these favourite landing spots for international DJ’s and party people coming together and embracing the culture of music.

Live Is Easy To Access

Live is near Petchburi Road entrance and Tops and will serve both as a nightclub and concert venue. The new Live has divided into three areas:  A splendid outdoor garden terrace with outdoor seating and excellent for activities until 400 people. The Arena has a 1,200 people capacity, and the Live Studio is suitable for 200 guests.

Live Arena brings in a massive 25 square meters LED screen, 150 light fixtures, a bass-heavy sound system that turns your stomach upside down. The Live Studio offers 20+ light fixtures plus fully equipped sound and DJ Set while the Live Garden comes with 30+ light accessories, sound system and DJ equipment.

Live Garden at Live on RCA Road for people up to 400 to throw in a party. Thailand Event Guide

Live Garden at Live on RCA Road for people up to 400 to throw in a party. Thailand Event Guide

Live As Nightclub and For Concerts

There are plenty of bars spread around to serve drinks without long queues. The place serves as a nightclub and opens for concerts on selected dates.

Royal City Avenue, otherwise known as RCA Bangkok, is one of the largest entertainment venues and clubbing complexes in the metropolis. This multi-purpose entertainment complex is between Rama IX and Phetchaburi Road in the heart of the city, containing a vast choice of nightclubs and discos, bars, live music venues and much more.

RCA Bangkok is a government-designated entertainment zone and is very popular with the young and trendy party crowd in Bangkok and is routinely host to a vast myriad of concerts and live music events with bands and some of the world’s best DJs.

Whether you just want an exciting night out in Bangkok, or want to party the night away to the best choice of dance music and hip-hop in Bangkok, Royal City Avenue would be pleased with an exciting new Live Bangkok nightlife venue that is unique in the city and perfect for those with an eye for quality and style.