When it comes to nightlife, Phuket is one of the most diverse places to live or holiday in Thailand. The variation and choice of Phuket bars, clubs, and discotheques are astounding. If you are looking for one of the friendliest and most welcoming Irish bars in Phuket, Angus O’Tool’s Irish Pub is a real find. Do you want to down a tasty pint of Guinness while sitting in the ultimate tropical setting? If so, this Phuket Irish bar is the perfect option. 


Family-Friendly Phuket Bars

Angus O’Tools was first established back in 2004 and is located in the heart of Karon Beach, Phuket. This popular Irish Pub is known for its authentic atmosphere, its vast choice of draught beers, and its high-quality Western food menu. Are you looking for a ‘home away from home’ during your Phuket vacation? This is why Angus O’Tool’s is such a great place to visit. 


The pub enjoys a very family-friendly atmosphere. Families with kids are encouraged to visit the bar. With so many Phuket bars focused on beer drinking and partying, it’s nice to find an establishment that welcomes families. 

Angus O Tools Irish Pub Phuket

Angus O’Tools Irish Bar is one of the most popular Phuket bars for food and drink.

WesternStyle Food & Drink in Phuket Bars

O’Tool’s is a place where you can enjoy a quality draught beer. Obviously, Guinness is on-tap or it wouldn’t be a real Irish pub, right? There is a vast selection of draught and bottled beers that will lubricate the wheels of fun. 


The Western food menu is what attracts many local ex-pats and holidaymakers. The menu is mainly British food specialties such as Cottage Pie, Bangers n Mash, gut-busting English breakfasts and much more. This popular restaurant is famous for its traditional British Sunday Lunches. They also have some affordable daily specials that offer something new and fresh. 


The menu was created by Chef Maurice Devaney, who is famous for cooking for the British Royal family. When you are looking for Phuket bars that serve top-notch food and drink, Angus O’Tool’s has a fantastic reputation. 


Live Sport in Phuket Phuket

If you are a fan of live sports and want to catch English Premier League (EPL) matches on a big screen, this popular Phuket Irish pub leads the way. The bar attracts large patronage to watch football games, live in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The bar showcases all international sporting events live and direct. They have access to loads of international channels and even show Aussie Rules Football (AFL), major boxing and UFC events, golf tournaments, rugby, cricket, and more. 


Are you a fan of live sports and want to get your fix while on holiday or living in Phuket? Angus O’Tool’s has a large projector screen and several TVs that will simultaneously show all sporting events. 

Guinness Beer in Phuket Bars

Get a stunning Guinness beer on tap at this popular Irish Pub, Phuket Bars

Where is Angus O’Tool’s? 

When we talk about Phuket bars, some of the most famous are located in Patong Beach. However, O’Tool’s is situated a 10-minute drive south from Patong at the dreamy Karon Beach. The Karon Beach area of Phuket is a laidback holiday destination that is still home to major resorts such as The Hilton, Centara, and Movenpick. The beach is stunning and the atmosphere is chilled. 


The best part about Kraon Beach is you enjoy a peaceful time but still take advantage of a cluster of beers bars and a host of quality restaurants, both Thai and Western. Karon Beach pretty much has everything. All without the hassles you sometimes get at Patong Beach. 


When you are looking for Phuket bars that merge top-notch draught beers, an affordable yet delicious Western food menu, and a family-friendly atmosphere, O’Tool’s is unbeatable. And if you love watching live sporting events with a Guinness in hand, there is no competition.