Take the whole family back to nature at Ginger Farm in Chiang Mai. Learn farming fundamentals while enjoying the great outdoors.

Ginger Farm is a Working Farm Outside Chiang Mai

Ginger Farm sits on an expansive 22 rai or 3.5 hectares of land in Chiang Mai that is full of vegetable gardens and rice paddy fields. As a working farm, the produce and rice that workers harvest all get used. The products end up either in dishes served at Ginger Farm’s restaurant or locally sold at markets. Besides the paddies and gardens, there is an animal farm replete with livestock. There are chickens, ducks, goats, cows, buffalos, and many cute little creatures you would find in a paddy.

Ginger Farm Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Ginger Farm Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Ginger Farm in Chiang Mai is a Family Adventure

In addition to regular farm duties, the Farm organises different activities to share with Chiang Mai friends and families. They range from scheduled programmes to customised agendas upon request. The participants can learn how to cultivate and harvest rice, get to know and feed the animals, or take a kid-friendly yoga class. There are also many more fun and educational activities. If you want more than just a class or workshop, there is a playground where kids of every age can enjoy themselves in the outdoors. Ginger Farm even has a mud-slider for some messy fun!

Thai farmers work in the rice paddy field. Thailand Event Guide

Working in the rice paddy field at Ginger Farm. Thailand Event Guide

Ginger Farm’s Café Offers the Freshest Dishes

As a working farm, the Farm provides almost every ingredient for its café. The mouth-watering home-made tastes cannot get any fresher in Chiang Mai than at the restaurant. They offer delicious Thai and western favourites. But save room for dessert! the Farm’s bakery claims some of the best cakes in Chiang Mai.

Along with the many fun activities, the Farm is the perfect location for a child’s (or adult’s) birthday party or special occasion. Or you can stop by just to enjoy the natural surroundings.

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