Dream Bangkok promises to be an experience rather than just another place to rest for the night, offering 5-star boutique accommodation complimented by luxury, stylish facilities, at a fraction of the price you’d expect.

The first impression you’ll receive from Dream Bangkok is one of ultra-modern style and sophistication, with artistic touches at the very core of its design concept. This is a hotel built around styled glass walls and backdrops submersed in tasteful neon glows, married with artsy aesthetics and contemporary items of decor, which beautifully combine that Eastern exoticism with Western chic, helping to both stimulate and massage your senses.

A reflection of the city of Bangkok itself, Dream is a hotel and experience which promises to promote a juxtaposition of child-like excitement, playful curiosity, and a real sense of tranquillity and calm. With 195 well appointed suites, stylish yet practical facilities, and being located at the throbbing heart of the city, this is a residence perfect for anyone who appreciates style and comfort, and a hotel in tune with city filled with warm, welcoming smiles and uber exciting experiences.