Welcome to Sway Bangkok, the iconic home of hip-hop in the heart of Thong Lor. For over 8 years, Sway has been a staple in the Thong Lor bar and club scene, nurturing local and international hip-hop talent while providing a unique and comforting experience for its patrons. After a brief hiatus and relocation in 2022, Sway has reinvented itself, now boasting a modern warehouse-like interior, an outstanding sound system, and a reputation for offering Thailand’s largest selection of chicken wings in 20 different flavors.


Perfect fusion of hip-hop beats, craft beers, and delectable chicken wings at Sway Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Sway earned its moniker as the ‘Home of Hip Hop’ through its dedication to showcasing both local and international hip-hop DJs and MCs. Many of Thailand’s prominent hip-hop artists found their first stage at Sway, making it an originator in shaping the country’s hip-hop scene. The venue’s commitment to growth and progress in the music industry is evident, with a focus on providing a platform for emerging talent.


Location and Ambiance

Situated at the entrance of Arena 10 on Thonglor Soi 10, Sway is not just a bar; it’s a boutique establishment that seamlessly combines small and big club vibes. The modern warehouse-like interior, with dangling lightbulbs, steel tables, and bare cement floors, exudes a handsome yet familiar Brooklyn aesthetic. The ambiance promises a unique and comfortable experience, setting the stage for a memorable night out.


Craft Beers and Beer Wall

Sway Bangkok takes its craft beers seriously, offering a rotating selection of six craft beers on tap. The innovative ‘beer wall’ allows patrons to enjoy a self-serve experience with a pre-paid card, offering a variety of craft beers, including Anderson Valley Poleeko Ale and Deschutes. The beer selection also features Italian beers and the popular Beerlao. Cocktails, priced at B250, add to the diverse beverage offerings, catering to every palate.


Perfect fusion of hip-hop beats, craft beers, and delectable chicken wings at Sway Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Chicken Wing Extravaganza

A highlight of Sway Bangkok’s culinary offerings is its extensive selection of chicken wings, available in a staggering 20 flavors. Priced at an affordable B150 for six pieces and B230 for ten, these wings are a perfect accompaniment to the vibrant atmosphere. From classic flavors to daring combinations like dark chocolate and sea salt, Sway’s wings promise a tantalizing journey for your taste buds. The emphasis on diverse and inventive wing options reflects Sway’s commitment to culinary creativity.


Food Menu Beyond Wings

While Sway Bangkok’s wings take center stage, the food menu extends beyond, offering a variety of pub grub, salads, kinds of pasta, and burgers. With over 20 items to choose from, patrons can opt for a full-on dinner experience. The poutine, a decadent combination of French fries, cheese, and gravy (B190), embodies unabashedly comforting pub grub. Despite the focus on hearty dishes, some room for improvement is acknowledged, as seen in the occasional inconsistency in texture and flavor.


Specials and Culinary Highlights

Sway Bangkok stands out with its specials, such as the outstanding potato skins – possibly the best in town – and a light, spicy cabbage salad that outshines traditional coleslaw. Despite minor setbacks in certain dishes, the culinary offerings at Sway go beyond the typical bar fare, proving that food is more than an afterthought. With a commitment to upping their game, Sway could potentially rival other renowned establishments like Firehouse or Roadhouse.


Perfect fusion of hip-hop beats, craft beers, and delectable chicken wings at Sway Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Sway Bangkok seamlessly weaves together the elements of music, craft beers, and an extensive chicken wings menu to create a dynamic and engaging nightlife experience. As a hub for hip-hop culture and a haven for those seeking a blend of Western favorites and inventive culinary creations, Sway stands at the forefront of Bangkok’s diverse nightlife scene. Whether you’re a hip-hop enthusiast, a craft beer connoisseur, or simply craving a unique gastronomic adventure, Sway beckons with its Brooklyn-inspired ambiance and a promise of an unforgettable night out.


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