In the bustling streets of Bangkok, food lovers always seek something new; if you’re one of them, don’t miss Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo, hidden away in Sukhumvit soi 69, Prakhanong. It’s not your typical place; it’s perfect for an exciting meal. 


Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo is like a tasty secret in Bangkok. They serve authentic dishes from Okinawa, Japan – the food is not everywhere in the city. They’ve got delicious Okinawan treats like tofu and seaweed, giving Japanese cuisine a unique twist. 


Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo in Bangkok, Japanese cuisine. Thailand Event Guide


Satisfying Your Cravings 

When you open the menu at Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo, you’ll find dishes that’ll make your taste buds happy. The Kinjo shabu, a hot pot filled with fresh ingredients and savoury broth, is a big favourite. 


Try Okinawa soba, a unique noodle dish for those who love adventure. If you’re into bold flavours, don’t miss the Rafute, a mouthwatering Okinawan-style glazed pork. And for the daring foodies, the goya Okinawa, with bitter melon stir-fried in Okinawan sauce, is a must-try. 


More Than Food – The Livecube Experience 

But Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo offers more than just great food. Head up to the second floor, known as Livecube, and you’ll discover a lively concert space that sometimes hosts intimate gigs with local and international indie acts. It’s a place where music and delicious food create unforgettable memories. 


A Taste of Home Away from Home 

When you step into Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo, you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to Okinawa, Japan. A Japanese owner runs the place from Okinawa City, and it captures the essence of the island’s culture and cuisine. The cosy atmosphere, friendly service, and menu featuring many Okinawan dishes create an authentic dining experience. 


Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo in Bangkok, Japanese cuisine. Thailand Event Guide


Eating at Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo isn’t just about food; it’s like taking a tasty journey through Okinawa, Japan. The flavors are unique, the vibe is welcoming, and it’s an experience you won’t easily forget. So, if you want a one-of-a-kind meal in the heart of Bangkok, visit Okinawa Restaurant Kinjo and savor the taste of Okinawa.