Studio Lam Small Music Place

Studio Lam was created by local Bangkok DJ Maft Sai from Zudrangma Records and Paradise Bangkok Nights. The venue is catering towards more world music, DJ’s and live performances. The venue is a small space with a big heart, giving audiences an intimate experience of alternative music.

They host various nights of local and international artists but expect traditional Mo Lam sounds alongside more underground nights and promotions. Inside the venue is basic a small bar providing bottled beers and even a selection of Ya Dong, a locally brewed whiskey popular with villagers and working Thais.

Thailand DJ performing behind turn tables at Studio Lam in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Studio Lam Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Studio Lam outstanding sound system

One thing that stands out here is the sound system, showing how serious they are about music and this being the main focal point of the venue.

The old custom designed tube sound system stands proud in the bar, and when accompanied by the top class DJ’s often spinning vinyl records there the sound is warm and fulfilling.

Advertising of Studio Lam in Bangkok Thailand Event Guide

Studio Lam Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Studio Lam Welcomes Newcomers

The clientele is a mixture of local Thais and expats who have a great passion for music in all its forms. People are very friendly welcome newcomers, so if you are looking for something a little different then this is a sure place to check out whilst visiting Bangkok and its ever growing music scene.

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