Future Factory Bangkok is a unique art and performance space in Bangkok to visit. Special events and ongoing Thailand exhibits take place at this collaborative venue.

Future Factory Bangkok Combines a Love of Art and Music

The Factory is an art treasure tucked away in Bangkok. It features a daily exhibition in its gallery. Future Factory Bangkok has an open, white space perfect for showcasing art. It is an extension of Future Factory in Chicago, sharing their love of art with Bangkok.

The art and exhibitions space that combines art and music. Future Factory Bangkok

Future Factory Bangkok Thailand Event Guide

Future Factory Hosts Special Events Along with Thailand Art Exhibitions

Along with the daily Thailand art exhibitions, there is a small bar to encourage socialising among visitors. Also, Future Factory presents parties and DJs in its intimate space. An event could celebrate the current exhibition, allowing visitors to interact with the artist. Or it could give a talented international or local DJ, musician, or artist, welcoming them to Bangkok.

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