Nestled on the ground floor of Emquartier and just a stone’s throw away from the BTS station, Leon by Cocotte Bangkok beckons with its modern charm and warm ambiance. Dive into the heart of this meat lover’s haven, where Executive Chef Jeriko Van der Wolf leads a culinary symphony focused on Dry Aged perfection.


Meaty delights at Leon by Cocotte Bangkok, culinary bliss with every delectable bite. Thailand Event Guide


Leon by Cocotte isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a paradise for meat enthusiasts. Under Chef Jeriko’s guidance, the spotlight is on Dry Aged meat, ensuring each bite is a flavorful journey. From succulent steaks to mouthwatering burgers, the menu is a celebration of culinary delights.


What sets Leon apart is its commitment to quality. All ingredients, including organic vegetables sourced from Chiangmai growers, contribute to the rich tapestry of flavors. Each dish is not just a culinary creation; it’s a testament to freshness and a touch of earthy goodness.


A Symphony of Tastes

The menu at Leon by Cocotte is a tantalizing orchestra, offering an extensive range to cater to every palate. Whether you crave the sizzle of a perfectly grilled steak, the comfort of pasta, or the freshness of seafood, there’s something to satiate every taste bud.


French Finesse

Experience the essence of French cuisine with iconic favorites like Escargots, Moules Marinière, and Beef Bourguignon. Leon effortlessly brings the charm of French dining to Bangkok, inviting you to savor the good life.


Brunch Bliss

Start your day in style with Leon’s brunch menu, featuring classics like Croque Monsieur and Leon’s full breakfast. If sweetness calls, indulge in homemade Banana Pancakes. It’s a brunch affair that sets the tone for a day of culinary delight.


The Healthy Touch

Leon by Cocotte understands the importance of balance. High-quality, organic vegetables from Chiangmai growers add a healthy touch to every dish. Vibrant and nutritious salads stand as a testament to the culinary harmony achieved through thoughtful sourcing.


Wine Wonderland

Complementing the culinary journey is Leon’s hand-selected wine collection. Reds, whites, and bubbles are curated for a perfect pairing with the mouthwatering meat dishes. Each sip enhances the dining experience, creating a symphony of flavors.


Meaty delights at Leon by Cocotte Bangkok, culinary bliss with every delectable bite. Thailand Event Guide


In the heart of Bangkok, Leon by Cocotte stands as a testament to culinary excellence. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a journey through the artistry of meat, the elegance of French cuisine, and the vibrant touch of organic goodness. From the cozy ambiance to the sizzle of the grill, every moment at Leon is an invitation to savor life’s pleasures. Whether you’re a dedicated meat lover, a brunch enthusiast, or someone seeking the perfect pairing, Leon by Cocotte welcomes you to a world where every bite is a celebration. Join us, indulge in the finest, and let the flavors of Leon linger in your memories.


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