Delve into Japan’s vibrant drinking culture at Banpuku Yokocho Bangkok, a hidden gem in Rama IX. Embracing the Yokocho alley concept, this spot recreates the intimate, lively ambiance of Japan’s tucked-away watering holes.


Japan's drinking culture at Banpuku Yokocho Bangkok in Rama IX. Thailand Event Guide


Inside the Yokocho World

Step into Banpuku Yokocho Bangkok, where the Rama IX venue transforms into an authentic Yokocho alley. Wander through mock stalls, capturing the essence of smaller backstreet shops. Whether you crave a communal long table, an intimate private setting, or solo bar vibes, Banpuku Yokocho caters to all.


Immersive Retro Aesthetics:

Immerse yourself in retro Japanese aesthetics, adorned with posters reminiscent of the Showa period, iconic red lanterns, and whimsical carp streamers. A (fake) cherry blossom tree steals the spotlight, enhancing the atmospheric charm. The playlist, a fusion of Japanese Good Vibes tracks, completes the immersive experience.


Culinary Delights

Banpuku Yokocho Bangkok is not just about ambiance; it’s a culinary journey. Offering a diverse menu, from simple snacks to hearty meals, it encapsulates the essence of Yokocho Alley cuisine. Sample a dazzling array of Japanese delights, handpicked for a memorable dining experience.


Embark on a casual evening adventure at Banpuku Yokocho Bangkok, where the soul of Japan’s Yokocho alleys comes to life. With its retro decor, diverse menu, and laid-back tunes, this izakaya promises not just a meal but a delightful escapade into the heart of Japanese drinking culture. Gather your friends, savor the moment, and let Banpuku Yokocho be your gateway to Japan’s drinking delight in Rama IX.