Gothenburg Film Festival Invites Solitary Fan to Attend in Lighthouse

A Gothenburg Film Festival is taking a different approach post-COVID-19 by inviting just one fan to the festival… in a lighthouse! That’s correct, you heard it right folks… a film festival for one person taking place in a lighthouse. It doesn’t get any more unique than that!


Our Scandinavian brothers and sisters always have a reputation for being a bit zany, and wacky, and we love them for it. But this Gothenburg Film Festival idea takes it to another level!

Gothenburg Film Festival Lighthouse

The lighthouse that will host the Gothenburg Film Festival is very unique

Gothenburg Film Festival in a Lighthouse

The Gothenburg Film Festival is apparently an experiment to explore how isolation changed our relation with movies. The news is being reported by the CBA movie news website and is making quite a lot of noise.


The festival is looking to invite just a single dedicated movie fan to spend seven days in a remote lighthouse to partake in the festival. You can enter the race to become the only invitee to the festival as part of this pandemic experiment. The chosen film-goer will be expected to stay for a week at the historic Pater Noster lightkeeper’s house, which is located on the rocky west coast of Sweden. The candidate will have access to the festival’s entire film roster.

Pater Noster Lighthouse - Gothenburg Film Festival

This is the interior of the Pater Noster lighthouse

Gothenburg Film Festival Details

One thing is for sure. This is one of the most unique film festivals in recent years and a great way to counteract the pandemic.


The Gothenburg Film Festival director, Jonas Holmberg, recently told As It Happens that, “They are isolated. They are not allowed to bring anyone, of course, but also no phone and not even a book.” It sounds a bit like ‘film festival survivor’. Some kind of twisted movie-watching endurance test… in a lighthouse! “So it will be only this person and the sea, the waves, the sky, and 60 different premiers we are screening at the festival,” said Holmberg.

Isolated Cinema Experiment

The festival is being called the “Isolated Cinema Experiment”. And the isolation was inspired by the pandemic. Aside from the single person in a lighthouse, the Gothenburg Film Festival will be screened online only, although there will be limited screenings in a Swedish theater and arena.


Would you stay for a week by yourself in a lighthouse to watch 60 films alone? It might be the perfect week for some people but a nightmare for others. Isolation affects different people in different ways. This is what makes this unique film festival idea so fascinating.