Multiple Agencies Join Forces to Boost Foreign Investment in Thailand

Government and business agencies are joining forces to boost foreign investment in Thailand. On Friday 18 September, the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) and its Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) are signing an MOU with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) to promote business opportunities on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).


The domestic economy currently needs a boost. And that is what this joint venture hopes to accomplish. Encouraging foreign investment in Thailand is the perfect way to kick-start the economy during these unique times. The B-Concept Media Entertainment Group announced the news earlier this week regarding the MOU signing.


Promoting Foreign Investment in Thailand

The agencies will sign the MOU at a conference that will be taking place at the Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa. This agreement between local government agencies and international business groups is aiming to bring more exposure and investment across the EEC.

Boosting Foreign Investment in Thailand - MOU SIgning in Rayong

The Executive Director of the NTCC, Hans van den Born

Talking at a recent conference in Bangkok, the Executive Director of the NTCC, Hans van den Born, was quoted as saying, “The NTCC is happy to announce we are about to sign an MOU together with the TCEB organization.”


“The industry needs all the support it can get in these challenging times. We will showcase all the possibilities for foreign investors that the EEC area has to offer. This joint partnership will include the TCEB, JFCCT, but also the EEC office, the BOI, and any other business entities in promoting Thailand as your future investment destination.”


It’s important to encourage a collaborative outlook as the Thai economy fights to get back to some semblance of ‘normal’. And encouraging foreign investment in Thailand is a great place to start.


Encouraging Foreign Investment in Thailand

The news in regards to the MOU signing is part of a larger attempt to encourage investment in Thailand. The Bangkok Post recently reported that two major foreign IT firms are keen to invest between 30 to 40 billion THB in the Digital Park Thailand, Chon Buri. The 700-rai park is set to become a major hub in Asia for digital innovation.


Although the Bangkok Post didn’t name the “giant” IT tech companies, it’s all very positive news for the EEC. And Thailand in general. Foreign investors are starting to see the potential in the wake of the pandemic. These are usually the best times to make smart investments. It’s encouraging to see so much happening in regards to encouraging foreign investment in Thailand to help revive the economy during these unique times.

Eastern Economic Corridor - Foreign Investment in Thailand

This is a map of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)

Thai Economy Recovering from Downturn

Thailand is similar to many parts of the business world in current times. Everyone is looking for ways to stimulate investment. It’s great to see so many agencies coming together to encourage growth and stability. This is why the MOU signing in Rayong to boost business in the EEC is such an important move.


With an almost extinct tourism industry, Thailand needs to diversify its efforts in terms of business and investment. The Kingdom had all their eggs in one basket for too long and needs to adapt and move with times.


The B-Concept Media Entertainment Group will be broadcasting the MOU signing in Rayong on 18 September. So if you want to catch the event, it will be shown across their media platforms. You can click here to visit the B-Concept website to keep in touch with the signing.


Thailand desperately needs to attract foreign investment in Thailand. And this joint venture between the NTCC, JFCCT, and the TCEB is a move in the right direction. Let’s hope these kinds of collaboration become more common to help the Thai economy recover.