World Cup Players List FIFA World Cup

The fever for the FIFA World Cup is stirring with World Cup Players followed. Is England winning or do they get defeated once again? The World Cup takes place from 14  June until 15 July in Russia where the last preparations are in full swing. Find a list of some favourite teams and their best World Cup players.

The teams for your birds-eye viewing this time are Belgium, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, France, England and Spain. These teams receive high expectations when we talk about winning. The Netherlands is one of the teams which will not attend. Though they are most times not winning, they are well known for best football tactics. Let’s have a look at the teams noted for possible winning.

World Cup Players for Belgium

Belgium is one of the contenders for the title. The Belgians have created a solid selection with as prodigy Kevin de Bruyne, from Manchester City. Kevin is an all-around midfielder with 91 passes and 85 shootings on his name. Thibault Courtois travels in from Chelsea and is Belgium’s goalkeeper.

Fifa World Cup Players Russia 2018

FIFA World Cup Players Russia 2018

World Cup Players for Mexico

Two familiar faces in the Mexico team are Hirving Lozano and Andres Guardado. Hirving was called back from PSV and Andres from Real Betis. The fans praised Hirving for his incredible playing. He earned attention with 81 passing and 82 dribbling. Another player is Carlos Velas who plays right outside. This attacker of LA FC is hitting 80.

World Cup Players for Argentina

Argentina is most favourite when it comes to winning. With the three best players your attack has already been made. The absolute favourite player is Lionel Messi with 89 paces, 96 dribbling, 90 shooting, 87 passing. A definite top player who needs no further explanation. Gonzalo Higuain is at the top of his head. With 86 shots, he is a perfect addition to every team. The incredible Paulo Dybala is the third favourite and completes the unit with Pace, shooting and passing in the 80 and 90 dribbling.

Russian President Vladimir Putin holding the Fifa World Cup Trophy at a previous ceremony. Thailand Event Guide

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thailand Event Guide

World Cup Players for Germany

Fans label Germany as a fierce competitor in the World Cup. With Neuer in your team, like Messi, you don’t need an introduction anymore. Almost nobody gets the chance to return and defend your country after an injury. Solid as a leopard tank who stands like a rock with four stats in the 90 and reflexes at 88. Mats Hummels is one other on the list of favourites. He is a 90-rated defender. Most teams would love to have him on board. Toni Kroos from Real Madrid will be the midfielder for the German team with an 89 fit.

World Cup Players for France

France is back.  They are getting active in football besides good food and red wines and will make the trip to Russia. Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid is the team’s captain with behind him N’Golo Kante. His 81 speed is fast for a CDM, and with 82 defending and 84 physical, your opponent will not readily cross the midfield. Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur protects the goal for France with 87 rates. He surely is a concrete block that opposing players must pass to get into the goal.

World Cup Players for the United Kingdom

Hopes are high for the United Kingdom after some disappointing World Cups. Young Team Captain is Harry Kane with 88 shooting and 83 physical an exciting match to follow. Raheem Sterling is right behind him. Kylie Walker comes out in the English selection with good stats and likely to be one of the favourites.

World Cup Players for Spain

Spain is eager to be seen and has a golden generation. The best goalkeeper in FIFA 18 ‘s ultimate team, is David De Gea. He has no better stats than Manuel Neuer but has the advantage that he can defend the goal with his feet. That is absolutely top for FIFA. Sergio Ramos is the team captain and a 90 rated defender. Thiago from Bayern Munchen is a great player with an 88 rating to follow. As an all-rounder, he received all the attention that brought him to this stage.