Facebook Warns China for Meddling in Upcoming US Election

In breaking news, Facebook warns China for meddling in the upcoming US election. Facebook recently had to delete numerous Chinese-based Facebook accounts for meddling in US politics in the run-up to the election.


Facebook warns China for the first time in regards to cohering opinions. The ‘so-called’ Chinese based accounts got taken offline by Facebook. The accounts had almost no followers and spoke up for and against the US election candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Facebook Warns China About 'Fake' Accounts in USA Election

Facebook has removed ‘fake’ accounts that were meddling in USA election

Facebook Warns China in US Election Run-up

Social media giants Facebook have stated that the 155 fake accounts were mainly focused on SE-Asia. It’s believed that the accounts were posting messages especially in both Filipino and Chinese. Facebook also said that a number of the accounts were being run out of the Chinese Fujian region, which is located adjacent from the strait with Taiwan.


These areas were supposedly behind the fake accounts and behind the deceptive behavior. The irony is that the US Presidential election is always built on deception anyway. And Facebook hardly has a cleaner than thou image. Facebook warns China? Seems a bit dramatic, especially when we are talking about only 155 accounts. Russia? China? Iran? Anywhere else? There is always a bogeyman in the eyes of US politics, and it’s always a foreign one!

Facebook Censors Platform for Fake News

Should Facebook censor accounts and websites? What do you think?

Facebook’s Security Policy

This is the first time Facebook has taken Chinese accounts offline. As Facebook warns China of meddling in US politics, who is responsible? And what is the real reason behind it? Nathaniel Gleicher is Facebook’s head of security policy. He was the one to choose to take the accounts offline due to US political interference.


Gleicher was quoted as saying, “The volume of the content is so low that it is very difficult to determine what their purpose is.” In short, nobody knows anything.


It’s being reported that those behind the accounts used a type of software that makes it appear they come from a different country and location. They were hiding their true whereabouts. The irony is that Facebook is crying about deception!


Facebook Warns Chin? Shaping the US Election Online?

It is a very big concern that people will try and coheres public opinion in regards to who they vote for in the US election. But let’s be honest, the US news stations do the same. And who is making Facebook a bastion of free speech and the arbiter of truth? Facebook? Conflict of interest is the cornerstone of any election in any country.


Facebook warns China? If all else fails, at least they can fall back on blaming the eternal bogeyman, Russia! If the media do not get what they want, they will blame everyone anyway.