This class will be discussing in depth about recognising harmful ingredients and reading cosmetics labels. Novessence expert will also teach you how to create your personalised lip balm using natural ingredients! And for more fun, make your own!


The Ugly Secret of Cosmetics


Beauty and cosmetics have the highest interest with billions of dollars spend annually for cosmetic products. With that comes an ugly secret.


Any makeup, skin moisturiser, face cream or cleanser may give you some beauty, but it can also affect your fertility and hormones. The products that you use can also expose you to known cancer-causing pesticides or worse. It can also deliver dangerous toxins. That’s right. And worse it can age and penetrate your skin. Your choice for cosmetics maybe speeds up the form of wrinkles, age spots or even worse.


Natural lip balm creation during this workshop in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Natural lip balm creation during this workshop in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Cosmetics Can Cause A Sensitive Skin


Researchers have found that one of every eight ingredients is an industrial chemical and used in cosmetics. Many of these ingredients were initially created to keep concrete materials soft, remove grease from auto parts or as surfactants paints and inks.


A sensitive skin type can have different meanings for each of us, and every one of us can have a different outcome with causes occurring such as rosacea, eczema or allergies. It is essential to choose the right skin care because many of these cleansers and moisturisers contain ingredients that cause adverse reactions.


What You Learn In This Cosmetics and Lip Balm Workshop


This workshop covers all of these sensitive topics. It gives you practical tools on how to read labels. The course provides guidance on how to recognise these harmful ingredients. With a set of natural ingredients, you then can find the pleasure of creating your own personalized and natural lip balm.

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